The MLC School biennial Sydney Opera House concert began 32 years ago, and is highly anticipated by parents, staff, students and Old Girls. It is an exceptional showcase of music and performance which requires many months of planning and rehearsals.

MLC School's 16th Biennial Sydney Opera House Concert was held on Monday 22 May, 2023 in the beautifully renovated Concert Hall. Every concert has a theme, and this year it was 'Stories', which brought together MLC School's outstanding musicians – students from Year 5 to Year 12, and staff – to dazzle a packed Sydney Opera House audience.

All the music linked to stories in some way, with three combined items that framed the message of the concert. The opening piece harked back to the oldest stories known to man. Australians are uniquely blessed to have a tangible link to great tradition through our Indigenous people and their love of land and the environment. An evocative piece by Indigenous poet, Laniyuk was set to music by the School's Head of Composition, Tristan Coelho. The poignant Our Story at the conclusion of the first half, spoke of our connection as part of one story. The night finished with Dream On, an Aerosmith hit from the 1970s. MLC School's leading musicians, orchestras, bands, Taiko, choirs, the School's massed choir and some dance groups took to the stage in a welcome return to this showcase event.  

The Sydney Opera House concert is an unrivalled opportunity for MLC School girls and staff to ‘collaborate, create and innovate’, and experience performing in one of the world’s most iconic venues.

To view the 2023 Sydney Opera House Concert, Stories, please follow this link. You will need to use the password - Music - to access the link.