The MLC School biennial Sydney Opera House concert began 28 years ago, and is highly anticipated by parents, staff, students and Old Girls. It is an exceptional showcase of music and performance which requires many months of planning and rehearsals.

MLC School's 15th Biennial Sydney Opera House Concert was held on Tuesday 21 May 2019. Every concert has a theme, and this year it was 'Unity', which brought together MLC School's outstanding musicians – students from Year 4 to Year 12, and staff – to dazzle a packed Sydney Opera House.

The Concert began dramatically with Carl Orff’s magnificent Carmina Burana, sung by the MLC School Choir, Senior Choir, Chamber Choir, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 Choir, the Staff Choir, The Gentlemen of Cantillation, accompanied by the MLC School Symphony Orchestra. It was an aural extravaganza.

Three special works were commissioned for the concert. Kerry Andrew, four-time British Composer Award winner, composed the closing piece, Under One Sky. Dr Holly Harrison, MLC School’s Composer-in-Residence and one of Australia’s leading composers, created Blast, a chamber piece, written for some of MLC School’s leading student musicians. Ellen Kirkwood’s piece Now Will Be Then made its world premiere at the Concert. Ellen has composed music for some of Australia’s leading jazz musicians. Old Girl, Alice Chance (2011) also returned to conduct her composition, And The Lord Said, Fiat Lux, which was performed by the MLC School Chamber Choir.

The Sydney Opera House concert is an unrivalled opportunity for MLC School girls and staff to ‘collaborate, create and innovate’, and experience performing in one of the world’s most iconic venues.

To view the 2019 Sydney Opera House Concert, Unity, please follow this link. You will need the password - mlcmusic - to access the videos.