The MLC School girl is daring and brave. She pushes societal, academic and creative boundaries. She challenges the perceptions of what a woman can and should do. She embraces her responsibility to actively and positively contribute to the world.

MLC School girls are fostered to be free-thinking women, and to challenge the norm by taking measured risks. Girls come from across Sydney and reflect the variety of cultural and faith backgrounds that are evident in our global city. Difference is encouraged through MLC School's academic and co-curricular programs, which recognise and celebrate diversity and hold notions of what might be seen as 'typical' up to the light. These programs allow girls to discover their academic, creative and physical strengths, reward curiosity and provide a safe framework for experimentation and risk-taking.

From our earliest days, MLC School has recognised the pivotal role that education plays in the empowerment of women and sought to challenge community assumptions about the roles and limitations of women. 

Our mission to 'educate young women to be fearless thinkers with moral courage and compassion to be agents of change in their own lives and the lives of others', is as relevant and necessary as ever.


'Girls come from across Sydney and reflect the variety of cultural and faith backgrounds that are evident in our global city.'

Immersive Learning

Our immersive learning experiences from Year 6 to Year 10 broaden horizons, encourage resilience and foster a growth mindset to underpin academic success in the Senior Years. They begin in Year 6 with Space Inquiry, Year 7 Illumination Experience, followed by City Experience in Year 8, Broken Hill Experience in Year 9 and culminate in an international service learning experience for all of Year 10 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. These programs deepen the bonds between students, open new perspectives on the world and allow the students to meet significant personal and academic challenges prior to their entry to the senior years of high school.

IB and HSC – Your Choice

MLC School offers the pre-eminent International Baccalaureate (IB) course in Australia, as well as the HSC for Year 11 and Year 12. The IB is an internationally recognised qualification that particularly suits all-rounders, while the HSC suits students who have a strong interest in a particular academic area, such as science or the arts. MLC School also offers outstanding support for VET courses in Hospitality and Entertainment at Year 12 level.

Middle Years Programme

From Year 6 to Year 9, the Middle Years Programme (MYP) of the IB provides a high quality framework for learning for all of our students, regardless of which academic pathway is chosen for Senior Years. The aim of the MYP is to create a platform for future success for the HSC or the IB. We aim to ensure that, as each girl enters Year 10, she is well supported and well informed about the detail of her subject interests, her own learning preferences and how best to meet the challenges of the Senior Years.