MLC School Girls Achieve

MLC School is non selective. Our girls achieve at the highest level in academia, sport and the arts. In sport we have national, regional and competition champions. Our musicians dazzle audiences with concerts at the Sydney Opera House and the Town Hall. Our co-curricular programs continue to thrive and grow exponentially every year. MLC School alumnae are pioneers and frontrunners in fields as diverse as science, the arts, politics, sport, medicine, the media, academia, business and the law, and they have continued their studies at prestigious educational institutions such as the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, The Juilliard School, Harvard and Princeton University.

In line with our tradition of being leaders and innovators in girls education, MLC School was one of the earliest in NSW to offer the IB to all students in Year 11 and Year 12 as an alternative to the HSC. In 2020, eight MLC School girls attained an ATAR of 99.95. In addition in 2020, MLC School was named the Top IB School in Australia and Top 50 IB Global School. Read more here. 

Both the HSC and IB Diploma provide an academic pathway to tertiary education around Australia and internationally. The IB Diploma Programme is suitable for those who enjoy a broad range of subjects, while the HSC suits those who wish to specialise in a particular field of study (a number of science or history units for example).

MLC School provides an extensive subject selection process for all students in Year 10. This assists families to make the choice that is right for their daughter and her future.

Our HSC and IB results can be found below. For an overview of the results of the Class of 2020, please read our highlights publication.

Class of 2020 Highlights

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HSC at MLC School

Congratulations Year 12 HSC students of 2020

At the very outset, we must acknowledge and congratulate every one of our Year 12 girls on completing their final exams in the context of a year that is has not been experienced in virtually any living person’s lifetime and is unlikely to be seen again for generations.

Our girls were undaunted in their focus to carry on with as many things they could within the confines of the prevailing restrictions. They did this with grace and good humour, without ever bemoaning the lot that they had been handed. Having been witness to this gives the School great confidence that our future is in excellent hands.

There is no doubt that these remarkable young women truly reflected the resilience, adaptability and genuine spirit to ‘dare to be more’ that our School always endeavours to build within our students.

In any year, completing the HSC is not easy, to do so this year required every girl to rise to a new level of dedication and demonstrate exceptional strength of character. We are so proud to be able to call these young women MLC School alumnae.

Notwithstanding the limitations on what activities could occur, the Year 12 girls thought creatively and flexibly so they could be involved in as many programs as possible and they shared their leadership and enthusiasm (which never seemed to wane), either face to face or virtually with their fellow students.

Around 60% of our Year 12 students sat for the Higher School Certificate and received their final results on Friday 18 December 2020. Many of the highlights that we report here are just one small measure of their final year, there is no way to measure the true grit these girls have shown.

As we offer both HSC and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, it is difficult to compare our results with schools which focus only on the HSC, and which are reported in the media. Our IB students’ results will be published on Sunday 3 January 2021 and we will provide you with a further update on the achievements of the Class of 2020 after that date.

Please join us in congratulating and celebrating the HSC Class of 2020 for their achievements this year. Individually and collectively, they have already demonstrated that they are so much more than a number on a page, and we are confident that each of these fine young women is destined to positively shape our world.


Congratulations to the entire cohort! Below we highlight some of the outstanding achievements.

Well done Charlie!

Charlie Kairaitis achieved an ATAR of 99.95, 1 of only 15 girls in NSW to achieve a perfect rank! She also received the Chancellor's Award from The University of Sydney.

Outstanding ATARs

  • Samara Tucker – ATAR 98.7
  • Olivia Papasavvas – ATAR not for publication
  • Ella Woolbank – ATAR 97.7
  • Anika Lammers – ATAR 97.15

* Not all ATARs were available at time of publishing.

State Rankings

MLC School girls achieved 5 State rankings:

  • 4th in Ancient History and 13th in Modern History – Charlie Kairaitis
  • 5th in Science Extension – Veronica Abal
  • 10th in Food Technology – Olivia Papasavvas
  • 11th in Personal Development, Health and Physical Education – Ella Woolbank

HSC All-Rounders

Four students were placed on the HSC All-Rounders list for those who achieve Band 6 in 10 units of studies. Congratulations to: 

  • Charlie Kairaitis
  • Jessica MacMaster
  • Samara Tucker
  • Ella Woolbank

Distinguished Achievers

Congratulations to all the girls who were placed on the HSC Distinguished Achievers list for those who achieved a result in the highest possible Band for one or more courses.

Veronica Abal  Emily Hunt  Jessica Song
Zoe Berg  Ruby Ince  Alexandra Stackpool
Chanel Boudib  Grace John  Hazel Sung 
Mia Burjan  Charlie Kairaitis  Emma Suster
Kate Cartwright  Sara Kie  Samar Taleb
Sein Choi  Annaliese Konidaris  Eugenie Tan
Laura Cincotta  Imogen Kuah  Ella Tomkins
Amelie Coman  Anika Lammers  Elsa Tonkinwise
Sofia Costa  Philippa Machin  Samara Tucker
Airlie Cullen  Jessica MacMaster  Audrey Williams
Sarah Dejanovic  Chloe Mavris  Ella Woolbank
Daphne Doumanis  Veronikah McClelland  Eva Wright 
Beatrice Drake  Sarah Moller  Joy Xu
Lillian Dummett  Samantha Naayen  Xu (Marie) Yan 
Sienna Fresta  Mia Novati  Amy Yarrow
Meghana Gopalan  Olivia Papasavvas  Joy Zhang
Ellena Hartzenberg  Hannah Ross  Sherry Zhao 
Sarah Healey  Emily Ryner   

Subject Results

  • 66% of the cohort achieved a Band 6 in at least one subject.
  • There were 126 instances of students awarded a Band 6 or E4
  • MLC School had more band 6s than any other school in NSW in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) subject Entertainment.

Below are percentages of students who achieved a Band 5 or 6 in particular subjects:

  • 100% in Ancient History
  • 100% in Drama
  • 100% in Chinese Continuers
  • 100% in Indonesian Continuers
  • 100% in Textiles and Design
  • 100% in Visual Arts
  • 92% in Music 2
  • 88% in Design and Technology
  • 88% in Music 1
  • 88% in VET Entertainment
  • 86% in Dance
  • 86% in Food Technology
  • 80% in Physics
  • 76% in English Advanced
  • 76% in Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
  • 75% in French Continuers

Below are the percentages of students who achieved E3 or E4 equivalent:

  • 100% in Chinese Extension
  • 100% in English Extension 1
  • 100% in English Extension 2
  • 100% in History Extension
  • 100% in Music Extension
  • 100% in Science Extension
  • 73% in Mathematics Extension 1

Works Selected and Nominated for Showcase

A number of performances and major works from MLC School girls were nominated for recognition as part of the HSC showcase events. To be nominated for any of these showcases is a significant achievement as it acknowledges these projects as best in the State. To be selected into a Showcase event is an outstanding recognition.

OnSTAGE HSC Exhibition Selections

  • Grace John for Set Design – The Visit
  • Philippa Machin for Promotion and Publicity – Antigone

HSC Exhibition Nominations

  • Callback (Dance)  Sofia Costa, Annaliese Konidaris
  • Shape (Design and Technology)  Beatrice Drake, Samantha Naayen, Eva Telemachou
  • Shape (Textiles and Design)  Amelie Coman, Eva Wright
  • Texstyle (Textiles and Design)  Amelie Coman, Eva Wright
  • ENCORE (Music)  Joy Xu, Xu (Marie) Yan
  • OnStage (Drama)  Zoe Berg, Mia Burjan, Ellena Hartzenberg, Grace John, Annaliese Konidaris, Phillipa Machin
IB Results 2020 hero_1500x600

IB at MLC School  IBYB-Button-Med

Students undertaking the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in their final two years at school select one subject from each of six core study areas, ensuring a breadth of subject choice through humanities, experimental sciences, mathematics, arts and compulsory language study. The IB Diploma also requires a CAS component (hours dedicated to creativity, action and service), Theory of Knowledge classes and an Extended (5,000 word) Essay in a subject area of the student's choice. 

Once again MLC School girls have achieved at the highest level internationally in the IB. More than 40% of our Year 12 girls in 2020 studied the International Baccalaureate. MLC School was the highest ranked IB School in Australia in 2020 based on these results:

  • 7 girls received a perfect IB score of 45, being an ATAR equivalent of 99.95
  • 38% of our IB candidates achieved an ATAR equivalent of 99 or over.
  • 78% of our IB candidates achieved an ATAR equivalent of 95 or over, an excellent outcome.
  • Over 94% of our IB candidates achieved an ATAR equivalent of 90 or over.

We congratulate the following 2020 International Baccalaureate students for their excellent achievements:

Karen Chung, Eliza Crossley (2020 Netball Captain), Annie Gu, Ariana Haghighi (2020 School Vice-Captain (Year 6 to Year 9)), Alexia Lorenzato, Ruiming Yang (2020 Badminton Captain) and Daisy Zheng all received a perfect score of 45 (ATAR 99.95), an amazing result, which places them among the top academic achievers worldwide. Fifty-one MLC School girls have now received perfect scores over the last 11 years.

Congratulations also to Maddison Fisher (2020 Basketball Captain) and Anica Shen who achieved a score of 44 (ATAR 99.75).

Congratulations to the 2020 MLC School IB girls achieving an ATAR equivalent of 99 and over:

Annie Chen Annie Gu Anica Shen
Eden Cheng Ruby Guminski Isabelle Tang
Karen Chung  Ariana Haghighi Anabelle Truong 
Tiarna Cominos  Zoe Hannam Natalie Wong 
Eliza Crossley  Mahum Jahan Halle Yang
Noelle Davis  Vivian Law Ruiming Yang
Emily Eker  Alexia Lorenzato Daisy Zheng 
Maya Felice  Cherie Pepperell Alyssar Zogheib
Maddison Fisher  Jasmin Selim   


*The above lists may not be a full representation of these achievements. MLC School is reliant on the Year 12 2020 cohort to provide their ATAR result or other information. Details are not made public or provided to the School. In some instances, the UniScore has been used as the ATAR was not available.

Subject Results

Below are percentages of students who achieved a Grade 6 or Grade 7 in particular subjects:

  • 100% Business Management HL
  • 100% Chinese B HL
  • 100% Dance HL
  • 100% French B HL
  • 100% History SL
  • 100% Indonesian SL
  • 100% Japanese AB SL
  • 100% Maths HL
  • 100% Music HL
  • 100% Sports Science HL
  • 100% Sports Science SL
  • 100% Theatre HL
  • 100% Visual Arts HL
  • 87% Geography HL
  • 85% Economics HL
  • 83% French SL
  • 81% Maths Studies SL
  • 81% Psychology HL
  • 80% Psychology SL
  • 78% Chinese B SL
  • 74% English Literature HL
  • 70% Biology SL
  • 69% Chemistry HL
  • 69% Maths SL
  • 68% Chemistry SL

Subject Selection

Subject selection for senior years is given careful consideration for each student at MLC School. When a student reaches Year 10 she will begin to refine her subject selection and Year 12 pathway, in consultation with our academic and careers staff and her family. Our understanding is that a student is more likely to achieve academically when she is studying subjects she enjoys and is well supported in her choices. MLC School works assiduously to build up a comprehensive and well-rounded picture of each student to assist this decision-making process.

In addition to individual interviews with all Year 10 Families, the school offers a number of other opportunities for parents and students to consult with academic and pastoral care staff.

Parent Information Nights

Parent information nights and parent teacher nights are held regularly throughout the high school years. Parents are also encouraged to contact relevant academic staff about subject selection at any time.

Post Schools Hero image 1500x600

Post School Destinations 2019



University of Sydney  27 
University of Technology Sydney 24 
Macquarie University 19 
University of New South Wales  17 
Australian Catholic University  11
Australian National University 3
University of Wollongong  3
Western Sydney University 3
University of New England  2
Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) 1
International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) 1
Torrens University 1
University of Melbourne 1
University of Notre Dame 1
International 1
Arizona State University, USA 1
Berklee School of Music, USA 1
Pomona College, USA 1
Princeton University, USA
St Francis College, Brooklyn, USA
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA  1
King's College London, UK  1 
University of the Arts London, UK 1


Science/Engineering/Data Science 18 
Law/Business/Commerce 15
Sports Science/Physio/Occupational Therapy 13 
Arts/Politics/International Studies
Design/Architecture/Built Environment  12 
Psychology/Criminology/Social Work 11
Media/Communications  6
Nursing/Midwifery  6
Clinical/Medical Science  5
Education  5
Data Science/Cyber Security/IT 3
Agriculture/Animal Studies
Fine Arts  2
Music 2
Speech and Hearing  2
Defence 1
Medicine 1
Optometry  1
Tourism/Events/Hospitality   1
Number taken as Combined Degrees 47
Scholarships Awarded 21