MLC School Girls Achieve

MLC School is proudly non selective and our girls achieve at the highest level in academia, sport and the arts.

In sport we have national, regional and competition champions. Our musicians dazzle audiences with concerts at the Sydney Opera House and the Town Hall and go on to exciting careers. Our co-curricular programs continue to thrive and grow exponentially every year. MLC School alumnae are pioneers and frontrunners in fields as diverse as science, the arts, politics, sport, medicine, the media, academia, business and the law, and they have continued their studies at prestigious educational institutions such as the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, The Juilliard School, Harvard and Princeton University.

In line with our tradition of being leaders and innovators in girls education, MLC School was one of the earliest in NSW to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program to all students in Year 11 and Year 12 as an alternative to the Higher School Certificate (HSC).

Both the HSC and IB Diploma provide an academic pathway to tertiary education around Australia and internationally. The IB Diploma Programme is suitable for those who enjoy a broad range of subjects, while the HSC suits those who wish to specialise in a particular field of study (a number of science or history units for example).

MLC School provides an extensive subject selection process for all students in Year 10. This assists families to make the choice that is right for their daughter and her future.

In 2020 and 2021, MLC School was named the Top IB School in Australia and Top 50 IB Global School. 

A summary analysis of the Class of 2023 can be found below.


HSC at MLC School

Congratulations to the Class of 2023

Here are some highlights of achievements by students in the HSC.

Outstanding ATARs and Achievements

Please note: the School received HSC students’ ATARs, but we rely on students providing permission for this information to be shared.

Mimi Jones – ATAR 98.45

  • Second In State – Ancient History
  • HSC Distinguished Achiever
  • MLC School All-round Academic Excellence
  • Sutton House Captain

Ruby Newton – ATAR 98.35

  • HSC All-Rounder
  • HSC Distinguished Achiever
  • Callback (Dance) Selection – Major Study Performance
  • Callback (Dance) Nomination – Core Composition
  • Callback (Dance) Nomination – Core Performance
  • The George Lane Prize for Dux of MLC School HSC Candidature
  • MLC School All-round Academic Excellence

Esther Tonkinwise – ATAR 97.55

  • HSC All-Rounder
  • HSC Distinguished Achiever
  • Shape (Textiles and Design) Nomination
  • MLC School All-Round Academic Excellence
  • The Jennifer Carr (Grant) Memorial Prize for English Extension 2

Milla Newman – ATAR 96.4

  • HSC All-Rounder
  • HSC Distinguished Achiever
  • OnSTAGE (Drama) Nomination – Group Performance
  • OnSTAGE (Drama) Nomination – Design Poster
  • Runner up to The George Lane Prize for Dux of MLC School HSC Candidature
  • MLC School All-Round Academic Excellence
  • Finalist for the 2023 V-Fest Film Festival

 HSC Distinguished Achievers

Congratulations to the 38 students (46% of the HSC cohort) who were placed on the HSC Distinguished Achievers list for those who achieved a result in the highest possible Band for one or more courses. Overall, MLC School had 92 mentions on the Distinguished Achievers list with many girls achieving more than one Band 6.

  • Laura Andrikis
  • Ivy Brasher
  • Zara Cathcart
  • Romy Dobbie
  • Mia Grasso-Nguyen
  • Jennisa Ha
  • Kira Hodgson-Yu
  • Zoe Howes
  • Madeleine Hutchens
  • Kyra Ioakimidis
  • Mimi Jones
  • Sofia Jury
  • Laura Kardasis
  • Liesel Kidley
  • Lucinda King
  • Ilaria Korompay
  • Abigail Latham
  • Emma Lawrie
  • Julia Lok
  • Milla Newman
  • Ruby Newton
  • Ivy Ross
  • Alexandra Scherf
  • Claudia Scott
  • Pascale Simington
  • Mikaela Sitaramayya
  • Anais Siu
  • Despina Stamoulos
  • Talia Suna
  • Tessa Tomkins
  • Esther Tonkinwise
  • Annabel Twomey
  • Claire van der Stel
  • Alexandra Varvarigos
  • Elizabeth Wilkie
  • Lan (Selina) Yang
  • Arabella Zeederberg
    *plus one student who chose to remain anonymous

Subject Highlights

All students achieved Bands 5 and 6 (E3 and E4) in these subjects

  • English Extension 1
  • Mathematics Extension 2
  • History Extension
  • Music 1
  • Music 2
  • Music Extension
  • Science Extension
  • Textiles and Design

75% or more students achieved Bands 5 and 6 in these subjects

  • Ancient History
  • Dance
  • Design and Technology
  • Drama
  • English Advanced
  • English Extension 2
  • French Continuers
  • French Extension
  • Mathematics Advanced
  • Visual Arts
Works Selected and Nominated for Showcase

A number of performances and major works from MLC School girls were nominated for recognition as part of the HSC showcase events. To be nominated for any of these showcases is a significant achievement as it acknowledges these projects as best in the State. To be selected into a Showcase event is an outstanding recognition.


  • Callback (Dance) – Ilaria Korompay – Core Composition
  • Callback (Dance) – Ruby Newton – Major Study Performance


  • ARTEXPRESS (Visual Arts) – Claire van der Stel
  • Callback (Dance) – Lucinda King, Ilaria Korompay, Ruby Newton and Ella Walters
  • ENCORE (Music) – Jennisa Ha and Liesel Kidley
  • OnSTAGE (Drama) – Katerina Cvetkovski, Sofia Jury, Alexandra Lasovski, Francesca Morrison, Milla Newman, Adriana Re, Pascale Simington, Mikaela Sitaramayya, Tessa Tomkins, Alexandra Varvarigos, Lily Walker and one student who chose to remain anonymous
  • SHAPE (Design and Technology) – Romy Dobbie
  • SHAPE (Textile Design) – Esther Tonkinwise

V-Fest Film Festival 2023

Congratulations to Milla Newman who was selected as a Finalist in the Senior Section for her film 'Metamorphosis'.


IB at MLC School  IBYB-Button-Med

Students undertaking the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in their final two years at school select one subject from each of six core study areas, ensuring a breadth of subject choice through humanities, experimental sciences, mathematics, arts and compulsory language study. The IB Diploma also requires a CAS component (hours dedicated to Creativity, Activity, Service), Theory of Knowledge classes and an Extended (4,000 word) Essay in a subject area of the student's choice. 

Results for the Class of 2023 were released on 3 January, 2024. There were 81 students who sat for the IB Diploma, the School's largest candidature ever.

  • 10 students achieved an ATAR of 99 or more
  • 24 students achieved an ATAR of 97 or more
  • 49 students achieved an ATAR of 90 or more

Outstanding Scores and Achievements

Please note: The School is not provided with students’ ATARs. We rely on ATARs being provided by individual students upon request. Not every student chooses to share this information with the School.

Anna Xu - ATAR 99.95

  • IB Score: 45 out of 45, the highest possible IB Score
  • MLC School All-round Academic Excellence

Keiralyn Dao - ATAR 99.75

  • IB Score: 44 out of 45
  • MLC School All-round Academic Excellence 

Isabel McKeough - ATAR 99.75

  • IB Score: 44 out of 45
  • MLC School All-round Academic Excellence
  • Runner up to The Anne Louise Layman Award for Dux of IB

Charlotte Trieu – ATAR 99.75 

  • IB Score: 44 out of 45 

Selena Read – ATAR 99.70

  • IB Score: 44 out of 45
  • Dance, Drama and Entertainment (DDE) Captain
  • Anne Louise Layman Award for the Dux of the MLC School IB Candidature
  • MLC School All-round Academic Excellence
  • Commonwealth Parliamentarian's Merit Award

Chantelle Wan – ATAR 99.70

  • IB Score: 44 out of 45

Maya Lecuna – ATAR 99.55

  • IB Score: 44 out of 45
  • MLC School All-round Academic Excellence
  • Australian Music Centre Award for Outstanding Work in Composition

Natasha Whitmont - ATAR 99.25

  • IB Score: 43 out of 45

Jessie Zheng - ATAR 99.25

  • IB Score: 43 out of 45

Erica Chou – ATAR 99.10

  • IB Score: 43 out of 45 
  • MLC School Captain 2023
  • MLC School All-round Academic Excellence
  • George Brown Prize for Leadership

IB Score of 40 or above

Congratulations to the 24 students who were awarded the Certificate of Distinction for Diploma Programme graduates who have achieved an IB score of 40 points or more (ATAR 97 or more). This is equivalent to the NSW Premier’s All-Rounder Award in the HSC.

  • Sara Akbari
  • Erica Chou
  • Anika Cuganesan
  • Keiralyn Dao
  • Chloe Jing
  • Maya Lecuna
  • Isabel McKeough
  • Stephanie Megalli
  • Seetha Nathan
  • Athena Nikolakopoulos
  • Claudia Padman
  • Amber Park
  • Zoe Proctor
  • Gemma Qiu
  • Selena Read
  • Radhika Talekar
  • Cassandra Tong
  • Charlotte Trieu
  • Lara Varol
  • Chantelle Wan
  • Natasha Whitmont
  • Alexia Wood
  • Anna Xu
  • Jessie Zheng

Subject Highlights

Subjects with all students achieving a Grade 6 and Grade 7:

  • Business Management SL
  • Design Technology SL
  • Dance HL
  • French B SL
  • Philosophy HL
  • Philosophy SL

Subjects with 85% or more of students achieving a Grade 6 and Grade 7:

  • Theatre HL

Subjects with 75% or more of students achieving a Grade 6 and Grade 7:

  • Mathematics Applications and Interpretations HL
  • Sports Exercise Health Science HL
  • Sports Exercise Health Science SL

Post School Destinations 2023


Reflecting on the achievements of our 2023 cohort, we are pleased to present the diverse post-school destinations of our graduates. Each student's journey is unique, reflecting their individual aspirations, interests and ambitions. From STEM fields to humanities, arts and business studies, our graduates have applied for courses that align with their interests and career goals. This diversity underscores our commitment to supporting our students in exploring and pursuing their passions, regardless of the field they choose to pursue.

Several students were awarded prestigious scholarships, including industry Co-op Scholarships from The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and The University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Commerce, Accounting and Information Technology. Additionally, students with ATARs of 98+ have been invited to receive the Dalyell Scholarship at The University of Sydney, while many others have received academic merit scholarships.

Recognising the significance of non-academic achievements, a large percentage of students were commended for their personal endeavours over their senior years. Participation in activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, Cadets, as well as accomplishments in music and sport, earned students 'bonus points' which enhanced their university selection rank. Similarly, strong performance in certain subjects for the HSC or IB Diploma provided students with additional adjustments.

Four students demonstrated exceptional dedication in securing admissions to prestigious overseas institutions. These applications often involve auditions, portfolio submissions, and, in some cases, a commitment to pursuing additional studies from as early as Year 9 to demonstrate a sustained interest in a particular area of study.

Several students have opted to defer their offers to pursue a gap year. During this time, they will engage in overseas travel, work at summer camps in the USA, Canada, and UK boarding schools, gaining valuable life experiences and broadening their horizons before embarking on their academic journey.


University of Technology Sydney  38 
University of Sydney 35
University of New South Wales 31
Macquarie University 12
University of Notre Dame  3
Western Sydney University  3 
University of Wollongong  2 
Australian Catholic University 1
Le Cordon Bleu 1
Torrens University 1
University of Newcastle 1
Whitehouse Institute of Design  1 
Australian National University  4 
Bond University 3
University of Melbourne 3
University of Queensland  2 
University of Canberra  1 
University of Tasmania  1 
Whitehouse Institute of Design 1
 Berklee College of Music, USA 1
 Imperial College London, UK 1
 Nottingham Trent University, UK 1
 University of Edinburgh, UK 1


Society and Culture – Psychology/Psychological Science 12
Society and Culture – Arts/Liberal Arts and Science* 11
Society and Culture – Law* 11
Society and Culture – Criminology/Criminal Justice 2
Society and Culture – International Studies 2
Society and Culture – Cognitive and Brain Science 1
Society and Culture – Social Work 1
Health – Nursing 5
Health – Sport Science/Exercise Therapy/Physiotherapy  5 
Health – Medicine 3
Health – Pharmacy 3
Health – Speech Pathology 3
Health – Occupational Therapy 2
Health – Oral Health 2
Health – Diagnostic Radiography 1
Health – Midwifery 1
Health – Nutrition/Dietetics 1
Management and Commerce – Business/Commerce* 22
Management and Commerce – Actuarial 1
Management and Commerce – Accounting  1
Management and Commerce – Management (Events/Sport)  1
Creative Arts – Design: Fashion and Textiles, Interior Design, Product Design  5 
Creative Arts – Visual Communication 4
Creative Arts – Communication (Writing and Publishing/Media Arts and Production)
Creative Arts – Music (Composition)  2
Creative Arts – Performance and Theatre
Creative Arts – Fine Arts 1
Natural and Physical Sciences – Science/Advanced Science* 5
Natural and Physical Sciences – Clinical Science
Natural and Physical Sciences – Medical Science
Natural and Physical Sciences – Biotechnology
Natural and Physical Sciences – Forensic Science
Natural and Physical Sciences – Marine and Antarctic Science
Engineering and Related Technologies – Engineering: Chemical, Aeronautical, Mechanica, Civil, Mechatronic  8 
Engineering and Related Technologies – Advanced Computing
Architecture and Building – Architecture
Architecture and Building – Construction, Property, Project Management
Architecture and Building – Interior Architecture
Education – Early Childhood 2
Education – Primary 2
Education – Secondary 1
Information Technology – (incl. Coop Scholarship)   3 
Information Technology – Cybersecurity 1
 *Combined with other degrees