MLC School Girls Achieve

MLC School is non selective. Our girls achieve at the highest level in academia, sport and the arts. In sport we have national, regional and competition champions. Our musicians dazzle audiences with concerts at the Sydney Opera House and the Town Hall. Our co-curricular programs continue to thrive and grow exponentially every year. MLC School alumnae are pioneers and frontrunners in fields as diverse as science, the arts, politics, sport, medicine, the media, academia, business and the law, and they have continued their studies at prestigious educational institutions such as the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, The Juilliard School, Harvard and Princeton University.

In line with our tradition of being leaders and innovators in girls education, MLC School was one of the earliest in NSW to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program to all students in Year 11 and Year 12 as an alternative to the Higher School Certificate (HSC). 

In 2021, 12 MLC School girls attained an ATAR of 99.95. We believe this is the most 45s awarded to a school in Australia in IB History. The median ATAR across all students was 94.30.

In line with our strong academic standing, in 2020, MLC School was named the Top IB School in Australia and Top 50 IB Global School. 

Both the HSC and IB Diploma provide an academic pathway to tertiary education around Australia and internationally. The IB Diploma Programme is suitable for those who enjoy a broad range of subjects, while the HSC suits those who wish to specialise in a particular field of study (a number of science or history units for example).

MLC School provides an extensive subject selection process for all students in Year 10. This assists families to make the choice that is right for their daughter and her future.

Our 2021 HSC and IB results can be found below. For an overview of the results of the Class of 2020, please read our highlights publication


HSC at MLC School

Congratulations to the entire 2021 cohort!

Around 60% of our Year 12 students sat for the HSC in 2021. The highlights are just one measure of our girls’ final years. These numbers can never truly reflect their determination and strength of character.

MLC School girls achieved 5 State rankings in subjects:

  • 1st in Ancient History – Elsa Tonkinwise
  • 2nd in Dutch Continuers – Nikki Juffermans
  • 2nd in Indonesian Extension – Natalia Giannakos (2021 Football Captain)
  • 3rd in Entertainment – Tara Mulholland
  • 3rd in Visual Arts – Kittu Hoyne
  • 5th in Music Extension – Ellery Joyce

54% of the cohort achieved a Band 6 in at least 1 subject.

Congratulations to the following girls for their outstanding ATARs:

  • Elsa Tonkinwise – 99.80
  • Ellery Joyce – 99.20
  • Tahlia Hatzisarantinos – 98.7
  • Sofia Carey (2021 Music Captain) – 98.4
  • Lone Bromley – 98.4
  • Anika Grannall – 98.2
  • Kittu Hoyne – 98.0
  • Charlotte Jones – 97.85
  • Aarathe Ramraj – 97.85
  • Kelly Zhang – 97.1

Please note: The School is not provided with HSC students’ ATARs, as is the case with IB scores where a conversion is straightforward. We rely on ATARS being provided by individual students upon request. Not every student chooses to share this information with the School.

Six students were placed on the HSC All-Rounders list for those who achieve Band 6 in 10 units of studies. Congratulations to Lone BromleySofia Carey (2021 Music Captain), Kittu HoyneCharlotte JonesJohanna Lafoa'i, and Elsa Tonkinwise.

Forty-five girls were placed on the HSC Distinguished Achievers list for those who achieved a result in the highest possible Band for one or more courses.

Dionne Alaveras (2021 Softball Captain) Inez Kritzler (2021 Sutton Vice-Captain)
Kayla Andreopoulos  Johanna Lafoa'i 
Liana Angell  Isabella Lee 
Annabelle Bailey (2021 Leawarra Vice-Captain) Kayley Macgonigal 
Lone Bromley  Cassidy Maher 
Sofia Carey (2021 Music Captain) Piper McCowan (2021 Lester Vice-Captain)
Arrielle Carisio  Lauren Millar 
Sarah Carvolth  Tara Mulholland 
Emma Christie  Elise Nikolopoulos 
Lilia Coman (2021 Wade Captain) Nicola Oddie 
Amy-Grace Docherty  Aarathe Ramraj 
Vienna Durie  Phillipa Signorelli 
Jasmin Fitch  Jane So (2021 Prescott Captain)
Natalia Giannakos (2021 Football Captain) Gemma Sorial 
Anika Grannall  Olivia Tanevski 
Tahlia Hatzisarantinos  Jocelyn Ting 
Holly Herden  Eva Tkocz 
Kittu Hoyne  Elsa Tonkinwise 
Charlotte Jones  Ana Trigg (2021 School Vice-Captain, Year 10–Year 12)
Ellery Joyce Samantha Tsakalos-Stewart
Nikki Juffermans 
Kelly Zhang 
Hayley Kenzler (2021 Lester Captain)
Zara Zuccolotto 
Jennipher Kong 


A number of performances and major works from MLC School girls were nominated for recognition as part of the HSC showcase events. To be nominated for any of these showcases is a significant achievement as it acknowledges these projects as best in the State. To be selected into a Showcase event is an outstanding recognition.

Exhibition Selections

  • ARTEXPRESS – Kittu Hoyne for her Body of Work, A Portrait in Frequency 
  • Texstyle – Sarah Anne Carvolth for her Major Textiles Project
  • Zoomers – Sofia Carey

Exhibition Reserved List

  • Ana Trigg – OnStage (Drama)

Exhibition Nominations

  • OnStage (Drama) – Ellery JoyceRachel Kardasis
  • Encore (Music) – Sofia CareyEllery Joyce
  • Shape (Design and Technology) – Kittu Hoyne
  • Zoomers (Art) – Sofia CareyCassidy MaherIshwary Ramjeevan
  • Callback (Dance) – Vienna DurieLilia Coman

IB at MLC School  IBYB-Button-Med

Students undertaking the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in their final two years at school select one subject from each of six core study areas, ensuring a breadth of subject choice through humanities, experimental sciences, mathematics, arts and compulsory language study. The IB Diploma also requires a CAS component (hours dedicated to creativity, action and service), Theory of Knowledge classes and an Extended (5,000 word) Essay in a subject area of the student's choice. 

MLC School's Year 12, 2021 IB cohort once again achieved at the highest level internationally in the IB Diploma Programme. 49 students in the year (approx 40% of the cohort) studied the IB with an incredible 12 MLC School students achieving the ‘perfect score’ of 45 and along with this a well-earned, well-deserved ATAR of 99.95. One girl fell agonisingly close with 44 out of the possible 45. This simply staggering outcome means almost 25% of the MLC School IB cohort attained full marks. This compares to only 1.1% of the worldwide candidature in the November 2021 examination session being awarded the perfect score.

We believe this is the most 45s awarded to a school in Australia in IB History.

  • 12 girls received a perfect IB score of 45, being an ATAR equivalent of 99.95.
  • 47% of our IB candidates achieved an ATAR equivalent of 99 or over.
  • 90% of our IB candidates achieved an ATAR equivalent of 95 or over, an excellent outcome.
  • 98% of our IB candidates achieved an ATAR equivalent of 90 or over.

We congratulate the following 2021 International Baccalaureate students for their excellent achievements:
Kylie Becvarovski, Christie Ch'ngAnnie Chen, Montana Cominos (2021 Dance, Drama and Entertainment Captain), Evelyn Doan (2021 Abbeythorpe House Captain), Tarindhi FernandoCynthia Hu (2021 Mooramoora House Vice-Captain), Fiona MacKenzie, Mikaela Nguyen (2021 School Captain), Vanessa Ryan (2021 Art and Design Captain), Anica Shen, and Amelia Whitmont all received a perfect score of 45 (ATAR 99.95), an amazing result, which places them among the top academic achievers worldwide. Sixty-one MLC School girls have now received perfect scores over the last 12 years.

Congratulations also to Audrey Nguyen who achieved a score of 44 (ATAR 99.75).

Congratulations to the 2021 MLC School IB girls achieving an ATAR equivalent of 99 and over:

Kylie Becvarovski
Christie Ch'ng
Annie Chen
Paris Chen
Montana Cominos
Gracelyn Dao (2021 Mooramoora Captain)
Kirsten Dao
Evelyn Doan (2021 Abbeythorpe Captain, 2021 Swimming Captain) 
Nancy Faraj (2021 Booralee Vice-Captain)
Tarindhi Fernando
Cynthia Hu (2021 Mooramoora Vice-Captain)
Janelle Jiao 

Annika Lee (2021 Abbeythorpe Vice-Captain)
Gloria Lim (2021 SRC Captain, 2021 Badminton Captain)
Fiona MacKenzie (2021 Volleyball Captain)
Neethika Naidu
Mikaela Nguyen (2021 School Captain)
Audrey Nguyen
Vanessa Ryan (2021 Art and Design Captain, 2021 Netball Captain)
Alyssa Scott
Anica Shen
Maya Simpson (2021 School Vice-Captain, Year 6–Year 9)
Amelia Whitmont

*The above lists may not be a full representation of these achievements. MLC School is reliant on the Year 12 2021 cohort to provide their ATAR result or other information. Details are not made public or provided to the School. In some instances, the UniScore has been used as the ATAR was not available.

Subject Selection

Subject selection for senior years is given careful consideration for each student at MLC School. When a student reaches Year 10 she will begin to refine her subject selection and Year 12 pathway, in consultation with our academic and careers staff and her family. Our understanding is that a student is more likely to achieve academically when she is studying subjects she enjoys and is well supported in her choices. MLC School works assiduously to build up a comprehensive and well-rounded picture of each student to assist this decision-making process.

In addition to individual interviews with all Year 10 Families, the school offers a number of other opportunities for parents and students to consult with academic and pastoral care staff.

Parent Information Nights

Parent information nights and parent teacher nights are held regularly throughout the high school years. Parents are also encouraged to contact relevant academic staff about subject selection at any time.


Post School Destinations 2020



University of Sydney  42 
University of Technology Sydney 36 
University of New South Wales 20
Macquarie University 19
Australian Catholic University  5
Australian National University 3
Bond University 3
Torrens University 3
University of Notre Dame 3
Western Sydney University 3
Australian College of Physical Education 2
Private College 2
Australian Defence Force Academy 1
Queensland University of Technology 1
Swinbourne University of Technology 1
Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney
University of Canberra 1
University of Newcastle 1
University of Queensland 1
University of Tasmania 1


Combined Law (with Communications, Commerce, Arts, Psychology, Science, IT, Engineering) 27
Psychology (including combined) 12
Business/Commerce/Economics 11
Arts/Social Science/Education 10
Engineering (Aeronautical, Aerospace, Biomedical, Mechatronic, Software) 8
Health Science 8
Design (Interior, Landscape, Architecture, Product) 7
Science 7
Nursing 6
Built Environment (Construction Management/Property Economics) 5
Clinical Science 5
Communications (Journalism, Media Arts, Social Political Science) 5
Medicine 5
IT/Data/Business Systems 3
Optometry 3
Optometry/Vision Science 3
Sport and Exercise Science 3
Sports Management 3
Criminology/Social Work 2
Liberal Arts and Science 2
Music 2
Pharmacy  2
Physiotherapy 2
Theatre/Performance 2
Biotechnology 1
Dentistry  1
Paramedicine 1
PPE (Philosophy, Politics, Economics) 1
Veterinary Medicine 1