MLC School Girls Achieve

MLC School girls achieve at the highest level in academia, sport and the arts. In sport we have national, regional and competition champions. Our musicians dazzle audiences with concerts at the Sydney Opera House and the Town Hall. Our co-curricular programs continue to thrive and grow exponentially every year. MLC School alumnae are pioneers and frontrunners in fields as diverse as science, the arts, politics, sport, medicine, the media, academia, business and the law, and they have continued their studies at prestigious educational institutions such as the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, The Juilliard School, and Harvard.

MLC School is non-selective providing our students with an opportunity to select either the Higher School Certificate (HSC) or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB) for their final years of High School.

In line with our tradition of being leaders and innovators in girls education, MLC School was one of the earliest in NSW to offer the IB to all students in Years 11 and 12 as an alternative to the HSC.

Both provide an academic pathway to tertiary education around Australia and internationally. The IB Diploma programme is suitable for those who enjoy a broad range of subjects, while the HSC suits those who wish to specialise in a particular field of study (science for example).

MLC School provides an extensive subject selection process for all students in Year 10. This assists families to make the choice that is right for their daughter and her future.

Class of 2018 Highlights  

HSC at MLC School

Congratulations Year 12 HSC students of 2018

Congratulations to our 2018 HSC girls. More than 60% of our Year 12 students received their final results on Thursday 13 December. As an HSC and International Baccalaureate (IB) School, it is difficult to compare our results with Schools which focus only on the HSC. MLC School is one of 12 schools in NSW which run the IB program, and we are most favourably ranked out of those schools.

Four students were placed on the HSC All-Rounders list for those who achieve Band 6 in 10 units of studies. Congratulations to Tina Gong (ATAR 99.85), Josephine Lam (ATAR 99.35), Jane Liu (ATAR 99.85) and Amy Song (ATAR 99.35). Congratulations also to Alyssa Filippoff, Ella Makovec, Veronika Males, Mackenzie McCowan, who narrowly missed this list, with one Band 5 and otherwise Band 6.

There were 101 instances of students being awarded Band 6 or E4 (the highest bands possible) while 61.5% of the cohort achieved a Band 6 in at least one subject.

Other HSC highlights include:

  • 100% of Chinese Continuers students achieved a Band 5 or Band 6.
  • 75% of Dance students achieved a Band 5 or 6.
  • 100% of Drama students achieved a Band 5 or Band 6.
  • 82% of Entertainment students achieved a Band 5 or Band 6.
  • 100% of ESL students achieved a Band 5 or Band 6.
  • 75% of Food Technology students achieved a Band 5 or 6.
  • 100% of French Continuers achieved a Band 5 or Band 6.
  • General Mathematics students achieved 27% above the state average. Please note that this was not included in the Sydney Morning Herald printed results, only the online version.
  • 100% of Music 2 students achieved a Band 5 or Band 6. 24% above the State average.
  • 100% Music Extension students received a Band E4 (equivalent to a Band 6). 34% above the State average.
  • 85% of PDHPE students achieved a Band 5 or Band 6.
  • 67% of Physics students achieved a Band 5 or Band 6.
  • 100% of Textiles & Design students achieved Bands 5 and 6.
  • 70% of Visual Arts students achieved a Band 6. This result has more than doubled in the past two years.

We would also like to celebrate the following outstanding HSC achievements:

Seo (Celine) Kang and Jane Liu were nominated for selection to ENCORE – exemplary performances and compositions from HSC Music students.

Natalie Lin and Ella Makovec were nominated for selection in Callback – the showcase of exemplary performances and compositions by 2018 HSC Dance students. Natalie was nominated for her Core Composition and her Major Performance. Ella was nominated for her Core Performance and Major Study Performance.

Stella Kochanowicz and Mackenzie McCowan were nominated for selection to OnSTAGE – the presentation and exhibition of exemplary group and individual performances and projects by HSC Drama students. Stella was nominated for Poster and Promotion and Mackenzie was nominated for Script Writing.

Hanna Woodward was nominated for InTech – the exhibition of outstanding Major Projects from HSC Industrial Technology students.

Judy Lin was nominated for selection in ARTEXPRESS the annual exhibition of exemplary artworks created by students for the HSC in Visual Arts – for her animation, 1961.

Two girls, Tina Gong and Amy Song, sat interviews for Veterinary Sciences and Architecture at the prestigious Cambridge University.

Congratulations to all the girls who were placed on the HSC Distinguished Achievers list for those who achieved a result in the highest possible Band for one or more courses.

Class of 2018 Highlights
2018 Prefects

IB at MLC School  IBYB-Button-Med

Students undertaking the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in their final two years at school select one subject from each of six core study areas, ensuring a breadth of subject choice through humanities, experimental sciences, mathematics, arts and compulsory language study. The IB Diploma also requires a CAS component (hours dedicated to creativity, action and service), Theory of Knowledge classes and an Extended (5,000 word) Essay in a subject area of the student's choice. 

Once again MLC School girls have achieved at the highest level internationally in the IB. More than 40% of our Year 12 girls in 2018 studied the International Baccalaureate.

Over 50% of our IB candidates achieved an ATAR of 95 or over, an excellent outcome.

We congratulate the following 2018 International Baccalaureate students for their excellent achievements

Anna Michael (2018 Vice-Captain) and Ashley Oliver-Sjahry (2018 Debating Captain) received a perfect score of 45 (ATAR 99.95), an amazing result, which places them among the top academic achievers worldwide. Forty-one MLC School girls have now received perfect scores over the last nine years.

Congratulations also to Sarah Chou and Swathi Ilanko who narrowly missed this list, with a score of 44 (ATAR 99.85).  

Congratulations to the 2018 MLC School IB girls achieving an ATAR equivalent of 99 and over

Sarah Chou
Swathi Ilanko
Monique Li
Anna Michael
Ashley Oliver-Sjahry
Klara Zhao

Congratulations to the 2018 MLC School IB girls achieving an ATAR equivalent of 95 and over

Erin Bofinger
Emmeline Booth
Georgia Bowrey
Hannah Chau
Sherrie Chung
Emily Hart
Danah Maher-Lee
Therese Makarious
Katia Matar
Jaya Ong
Emma Rutherford
Madeleine Sherbon
Sarah Taleb
Jennifer Tang
Nancy Wang
Jessica Zhu

MLC School is very proud of the class of 2018. The average mark achieved was 37.21, which represents an ATAR equivalent of 95.75. Two girls, Klara Zhao and Ananya Krishna, sat interviews for Linguistics, French and History at the prestigious Oxford University. Klara Zhao was accepted into Queens College, Oxford.

Class of 2018 Highlights

Subject Selection

Subject selection for senior years is given careful consideration for each student at MLC School. When a student reaches Year 10 she will begin to refine her subject selection and Year 12 pathway, in consultation with our academic and careers staff and her family. Our understanding is that a student is more likely to achieve academically when she is studying subjects she enjoys and is well supported in her choices. MLC School works assiduously to build up a comprehensive and well-rounded picture of each student to assist this decision-making process.

In addition to individual interviews with all Year 10 Families, the school offers a number of other opportunities for parents and students to consult with academic and pastoral care staff.

Parent Information Nights

Parent information nights and parent teacher nights are held regularly throughout the high school years. Parents are also encouraged to contact relevant academic staff about subject selection at any time.


Post School Destinations 2018



 Destinations Number
University of Sydney 22
University of Technology Sydney 26
University of New South Wales 25
Macquarie University 19
Australian Catholic University 1
Western Sydney University 3
University of Melbourne 1
University of Wollongong 1
Torrens University 1
Australian National University (ANU) 4
University of Newcastle 2
JMC Academy  1
The Hotel School
Whitehouse Institute of Design 1
 University of Cambridge, United Kingdom 1
 University of Oxford, United Kingdom 1
 Wheaton College, Massachusetts, USA 1


Course Number
Law/Business Commerce 20
Arts/Politics/International Studies 12
Science//Forensics/Environment 10
Clinical/Medical/Science 8
Media/Communications 8
Architecture/Built Environment 7
Psychology 7
Design/Fine Arts 6
Engineering 6
Health Sciences 5
Data Science/Info Systems/IT 3
Pharmacy 3
University Preparation Diplomas 3
Education 2
Medicine 2
Oral Health 2
Music 2
Veterinary Science 1
Number taken as Combined Degrees 41
Scholarships Awarded 23

Year 12 house lunch 2018