Immersive Learning

All the research is clear in stating that education is not just about learning within the four walls of a classroom.

The Experiential Learning Program at MLC School has a myriad of lenses. Some are long-standing programs and some have been reimagined and are beginning again. They include co-curricular programs, service, learning, immersive learning projects and trips, outdoor education, clubs and societies that are all student-led and more. 

Adventure programs play a crucial role in shaping the lives of young individuals by providing them with opportunities to embrace challenges, take risks and explore new horizons. Central to MLC School's Adventure programs is the idea of pushing young people out of their comfort zones. This deliberate strategy enables them to confront uncertainty and tackle challenges with confidence, fostering resilience and tenacity. The staged program structure focuses on importing essential life skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking and teamwork through hands-on experiences. Problem solving in an outdoor setting cultivates camaraderie and a shared sense of purpose; skills which are crucial for navigating challenges in all aspects of life post-school.

Below is a snapshot of what the new Adventure Program looks like across MLC School, year by year:

Junior School


'Muddy Play Day' is all about getting outside, rolling in the grass, getting dirty and finding out there is more to being outside than concrete and synthetic grass. It is a day camp in the local area – overnight experiences happen later.

Year 1

'Connection to Nature' is a day camp where students go on a bush walk, jump in mud, build stick houses, play games and learn about the bush all around them.

Year 2

'What is Camp?' is held at the very end of Year 2. Students pack lunch and recess, and bring hats, rain jackets, swimming costumes and participate in rafting, kite making and beach games. They are also challenged to jump into the water.

Year 3

'The Giant Sleepover' is the start of overnight adventure camps at MLC School. It really is about surviving the night away from home for some students. Students learn about how to share rooms with other students, share meals together in dining halls, and experience being away from the comfort of home. While away, they get to go on a giant swing, climb walls, go bushwalking and participate in Indigenous bush lessons.


Year 4

'Bush Bonanza' is a camp in a totally different environment. It is held during winter so it is chilly! Students not only learn about how to dress appropriately for the temperature, but they get to experience the beauty of the bush by having campfires at night, climb walls, bush walks, mountain bike riding and the MLC School talent show. A famous part of the Year 4 Adventure Camp is experiencing the wonderful food by 'Cheffery'!

Year 5

'Surf's Up' is a program designed to get to know new students at MLC School, as well as create and learn about leadership. The students learn what it means to leave the accommodation in the morning and be out at activities all day. They need to plan and pack everything for the day, learn independcence and consequences for when you forget to pack your snacks. This is a coastal-based program so students have an opportunity to learn to surf, snorkel, play beach games and complete a coastal walk.

'Democracy Immersion' involves travel to Canberra in Term 4 for three days and two nights. They have a jam-packed time: visiting Parliament House, the Australian War Memorial, Questacon, the Australian Institute of Sport, the National Electoral Education Centre, the National Capital Exhibition, Government House and the National Gallery of Australia. This all coincides with classroom learning about Australia's democratic systems.

Year 6 

'Marine Biology' is a trip for one night and two days working with marine biologists. They learn how animals adapt in the ocean when they are snorkelling and then in touch tanks. Students learn about other animals adapting to their environment at Taronga Zoo.

'Celebration' acknowledges the end of primary school. Students sleep in tents, play games, abseil, go mountain bike riding, ride waterslides... The Year 6 Adventure Camp has it all!

Senior School

Year 7

'Relationships' is a three-day adventure that involves sleeping in tents, surfing, canoeing, and getting to know each other through games and challenges. This adventure is specifically held in the first three weeks of the year to enhance connections.

Year 8

'Sense of Place' Immersion is an important first step in developing our students' understanding of the Indigenous experience in modern Australia. We see the importance of the MLC School student understanding the story of the land on which she gathers daily; an understanding that goes beyond the Acknowledgement of Country she hears at assemblies and special events, in the hope she can be an agent of change within her community and more broadly in society. Students have an in-school program and travel to the central west area in New South Wale for a week. While away, students work directly on country with local First Nations people.

Year 9

'Urban Challenge' is a three-day program filled with fun and adventure, in an unfolding journey taking them around the Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs. They organise their food, travel and selves as they navigate and negotiate their way across the city. Students learn about teamwork and real-life lessons, such as the fact that public transport will not wait for the slow team!

Year 10

'International Immersive Learning' trip to New Zealand is an eight-day trip where students gain a greater understanding of how they can contribute to a more sustainable future, at both local and global levels. Whilst in New Zealand, they will gain practical experience by working on community-led conservation projects designed to empower individual communities. In addition, they will have the opportunity to develop their cultural understanding of the Māori people and their connection to the land.

Year 11

'Unite' Retreat is a chance for Year 11 students to unite as a year group, preparing them for the challenges of Year 12 ahead. Students get the opportunity to participate in outdoor adventures.