Immersive Learning

Our immersive learning experiences from Year 5 to Year 10 broaden horizons, encourage resilience and foster a growth mindset to underpin academic success in the Senior Years.

They begin with Year 5 in Sovereign Hill Ballarat, Victoria, Year 6 in Canberra, Year 7 Illumination Experience, followed by City Experience in Year 8, Broken Hill Experience in Year 9 and culminate in an international service learning experience for all of Year 10 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. These programs deepen the bonds between students, open new perspectives on the world and allow the students to meet significant personal and academic challenges prior to their entry to the Senior Years of high school.


Year 6 – Space

Space is a Year 6 major work project, which students present at the annual Showcase of Learning. The study of Space gives students the opportunity to design their own inquiries and choose an area on which to focus their research and formulate questions, which will structure their personal investigations in this area. 

Year 7 – A Week in Shakespeare’s World

In Year 7 the whole year immerses itself in the rich imaginative world of Shakespeare. Led by the renowned theatre company Sport for Jove, the girls meet the significant personal challenges presented by live performance, come to a new understanding and appreciation of language and above all, begin to understand collaboration on a depply personal level.

Year 8 – City Experience

Learning beyond the classroom for our Year 8 girls is the City Experience. For two weeks from the beginning of Term 4, a school campus is set up in the city.

The middle teen years are when our girls are establishing their identity, learning about themselves, their peers and their community. It is a time when they discover what they like, their skills and talents, the interests and hobbies that they wish to pursue and the strengthening of their friendship groups. The City Experience helps our girls make this a broader consideration.

We know that learning can take place anytime and anywhere and so our Year 8 students spend three weeks in the City of Sydney understanding what makes a Sydney urban dweller. The learning task asks the girls to respond to the ‘big question’ – Do we shape our environment or does our environment shape us? The girls negotiate their themed study based on their interest, and in research teams they unearth, explore, investigate and report back on the stories of the city.

The City Experience helps our girls discover just how resourceful they can be away from school and home.

Year 9 – The Broken Hill Experience

In Year 9 our students go beyond the walls of the classroom to explore Australia’s outback and spend two weeks learning and living in Broken Hill.

Students are immersed in the stark beauty and intriguing history of Broken Hill in the NSW far west. They learn to live with one another and engage in independent research and development in a remote landscape They discover more about what it means to be Australian and the rich stories that lie within our ancient land.

The experience is designed with an exciting and stimulating integrated curriculum for students to follow, one that is relevant to all they will experience in Broken Hill. This is one of the many ways MLC School endeavours to strengthen its links with the Aboriginal Community. In addition, students interact with local residents through a community service program.

A major component of this experience is the development of life-long learning skills. This includes living together in groups of 5-6 in cabins, budgeting, purchasing food supplies and developing skills of cooperation, communication and conflict resolution. These skills foster independence and resilience, equipping students for their futures. Past students recall with affection the transformative and positive impact of living and learning in Broken Hill.

Year 10 – Chiang Mai Service Learning Experience

In the spirit of our vision to collaborate, create and innovate for a better world, all of Year 10 travels to Chiang Mai in Thailand at the beginning of the school year.

The students are immersed in cultural experiences including: close contact with elephants at an international sanctuary, farm visits, cooking, martial arts, and labouring intensively to help build infrastructure for impoverished communities.

Our Year 10 students experience powerful service learning on a deeply personal level. They sleep in beautiful and basic tree houses and riverside accommodations, they meet and overcome many personal and physical challenges, develop closer relationships with their peers and teachers, absorb new ways of being in the world and experience different cultural norms and new ways of meeting difficulties. They also make a tangible and vital contribution to the lives of others in these remote locations.

Each year, our Year 10 girls say that the Chiang Mai Service Learning Experience was a positive, life changing experience.