Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is located on Rowley Street, next to the Potts Hall entrance.

Contact Details

The Uniform Shop is located on Rowley St, next to the Potts Hall entrance.

Email: mlc@midford.com.au

Phone/Fax: 02 8741 3177

Opening Hours – During School Term

No appointment necessary

 Monday  8am–4pm
 Tuesday    8am–4pm
 Friday  8am–4pm


Opening Hours – During School Holidays

  • January holidays – before the return to school
  • April holidays – for change of season/uniform
  • October holidays – for change of season/uniform
  • Information/new enrolment evenings

Please note, selecting a full uniform can take time and the additional opening days can experience some delays. Appointments are essential. Please email the Uniform Shop or call +61 2 8741 3177.


MLC School Online Ordering System  

You can now order your MLC School Uniform online.

Enjoy the convenience of online shopping 24 hours a day

Save time and energy by ordering your uniforms online in six easy steps 

  1. Go to https://schoolshop.midford.com.au/mlcsyd/
  2. New users to click the ‘Register New Account’ button
  3. Add the unique school pass phrase: MLC1886
  4. Add your personal information, create a username and password
  5. Order the items you need, select pick-up in store or option for home delivery 

Uniform Code – Junior and Senior School

Uniform Price List – Middle and Senior School

Uniform Price List – Junior School

Uniform Price List – Pre-Kindergarten

MLC School Merchandise List

Pocket Embroidery on Blazer

Second Hand Uniform Sales

If you would like to sell your second-hand uniforms, please fill out the Second-Hand Uniform Sale Agreement.

Please see Second-Hand Uniform criteria below:

  • This form must be completed in full and accompany the garments when delivered to the Uniform Shop for
    assessment. Garments approved will be on sale within one month of delivery to the Uniform Shop;
    Only current MLC School academic uniform items will be accepted for assessment (excluding all shirts);
  • Blazers will only be accepted with dry cleaning dockets attached;
  • Sport uniform, swimwear, hats, bags, shoes and socks will not be accepted for resale;
  • Garments not sold within 12 months will be removed from sale and disposed of, unless collected;
  • Second-hand uniforms are currently sold through the Uniform Shop at 50% of the new retail price;
  • Proceeds from uniforms sold will be paid by way of direct deposit to a nominated bank account.

If you have any questions, please contact the Uniform Shop:

Address: Rowley Street, Burwood, NSW 2134
Phone: 8741 3177
Email: mlc@midford.com.au