MLC School has always challenged girls to 'dare to be more'. The result is the remarkable achievements attained by the women of MLC School who have been educated to be agents of change in their own lives and the lives of others.

As a member of the MLC School community, your philanthropic support  is vital in helping us ensure our passion for excellence in girls’ education and vision of inspiring young women, reaches as many deserving girls as possible.

Contributions to scholarships and bursaries support us in our vision to provide an MLC School education for girls who would not otherwise be able to attend the School. Your gift makes an important difference. It will help provide more opportunities for girls with gifts and talents, as well as girls whose circumstances would make it difficult for them to attend the School.

There is a wealth of research that student learning and wellbeing is directly impacted by the physical environment. MLC School aims to provide the resources needed to meet the current and future needs of the girls in a sustainable, but exceptional manner. By contributing to the Building Fund you will support the School’s vision.  

Donations to the School can also be made through bequests. Your gift will make a difference as it supports the MLC School girl to be courageous in her pursuits and compassionate to herself, interacting with others with kindness and celebrating diversity. It will provide opportunities to young girls wishing to attend MLC School and enable our School to remain a leader in girls’ education. Any legacy of any size makes a real difference. 


For further information on how you can make an impact, please contact MLC School Head of Marketing and Community Relations, Michele Dunn on 02 8741 3178.

Please see these dedicated pages to learn more about ways to support MLC School: