Eminent Alumnae


Taylor Hill (2014)

MLC School Old Girl, Taylor Hill (2014), is paving the way for women in the scenery construction industry.


Nikita Simpson (2011)

In 2011 Nikita received the MLC School Prize for the highest university admissions rank. She went on to complete a degree in Social Anthropology at Cambridge University, UK and is now a PhD Candidate in Anthropology at the London School of Economics ...


Emily Sun (2009)

MLC School Old Girl and violinist, Emily Sun, won the ABC Young Performers Award 2018 with a performance of the Beethoven Violin Concerto at the Sydney Opera House accompanied by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.


Sapna Patel (2006)

Technology, public speaking and trade fairs – how unique MLC School experiences shaped Sapna's success.


Rosie O'Halloran (2003)

Committing herself to supporting Uganda’s poverty stricken children, Rosie has no doubt that change is possible and that her generation is not afraid to take action on issues that matter.


Alison Mirams (1991)

Alison Mirams (Hocking, 1991) is the CEO of Roberts Pizzarotti, a boutique, tier-one building contractor based in Sydney CBD.


Associate Professor Hsu-Ming Teo (1987)

Hsu-Ming’s BA (Hons, Class 1) won her the Sydney University Medal in 1994. Four years later she completed her History PhD (1998). Now Hsu-Ming is an Associate Professor at Macquarie University and an award-winning writer.

Marise Payne_success stories

Marise Payne (1981)

Congratulations to Old Girl Marise Payne (1981) who was appointed Minister for Foreign Affairs in 2018.