Senior School

To support continued academic excellence into the future, MLC School is very pleased to have commenced the construction of our new Senior School academic hub, along with an ongoing refurbishment program for existing buildings.

After much planning and consideration, the building is to include state of the art science and library facilities, as well as the latest in classroom design for a number of our faculties.

The first part of this redevelopment was the creation of Café 1886, a modern and airy space that is used by the students as an informal meeting and learning space, and a busy social hub at break times.

Demolition of older facilities commenced at the end of 2016 and we expect to see this continue throughout 2018.

The new building will sit alongside our historic facilities such as Potts Hall and the Chapel (once the boarders' dining room). MLC School is a continuously evolving environment, with the learning needs of students at the core of all our facilities.


Junior School

At MLC School, we understand that the learning environment has a powerful influence on student achievement.

In fact, Reggio Emilia philosophy recognises the environment as the 'third teacher'. at MLC School, our flexible learning studios, aesthetic design, seamless connection between carefully planned indoor and outdoor environments, all play a role in encouraging and enhancing relationships between children, teachers and families; and between children and the environment.

The inspired design of the Junior School utilises the relationships between space, colour and light to create wonderful places that encourage children to develop their full range of senses and experiences, to nurture their intellectual and creative development, and to capture the young, playful and imaginative world of the inquisitive and powerful early learner.


Year 6 Centre

Opened in 2011, the building’s design is in keeping with MLC School's long-term vision for a less traditional approach in developing open plan, light filled learning spaces.

Flexible space made by sliding and folding glass panels and doors; colourful furniture that adapts and changes shape, all make for a fun school environment that also fits the needs and interests of the girls’ learning activities.

In the last decade or more, and into the future, our intention is to challenge classroom boundaries to improve outcomes for our students.


Café 1886

Café 1886 provides a space for conversation, informal learning and daily food service in an inviting and casual atmosphere. This fun, flexible and social space serves the needs of our students, staff and community with style.


Centre for Design, Art and Technology (DART)

Located at the site of the former Kent House, the Centre for Design, Art and Technology (DART) is a thriving hub of creativity that houses our TAS and Visual Arts classes, as well as the Year 12 common room and other teaching spaces.


Aquatic Centre

Our state of the art Aquatic Centre is open to the community for Learn to Swim classes, squad swimming and much more.

The MLC School Aquatic Centre is a thriving hub of sporting activity for students of all ages. Diving and competitive swimming are popular sports all year round, along with our annual swimming carnivals,. These are famous in our community for their serious competition and great sense of fun alike.

The Aquatic Centre is heated all year round. It is the continuation of a long tradition of swimming at MLC School, which built a pool for students very early in its history. A number of Olympians have trained here – to read more about them please go here.

For more information on our many swimming programs please go here

Music Centre Main Image.JPG

Music Centre

The 1987 Centenary Music Centre opening was heralded as a wonderful addition to our already well-established music tradition. This dedicated space provides greater opportunity for musical talent to be nurtured.

The two-storey structure, designed to resemble a long-fronted cottage and to blend with the buildings in the rest of the street, contains classrooms, studios for one-to-one lessons, an auditorium for recital work and a multi-keyboard laboratory. It is a permanent memorial to the great musical successes of MLC School.

Our long tradition of musical excellence has garnered an international reputation. It is also one of the many ‘languages’ that bind the MLC School community together and give each girl a sense of being part of a valuable whole. The exceptional standard displayed at our annual Music Awards at the Sydney Town Hall and the biennial Sydney Opera House Concert showcases the musical abilities and dedication of every girl from Year 3 to Year 12. Many MLC School Music students have gained entry to the most prestigious institutions in the world, including the Juilliard School, New York.