2024 MLC School Sony Foundation Camp

Since 1999, The Sony Foundation Children's Holiday Camp Program has provided Year 11 students with the opportunity to care for children with additional needs over a four-day, three-night period, in what is a unique experience for all involved. 

The children who attend the 2024 MLC School Sony Foundation Camp in December 2024 will be treated to time away from home, full of thrilling and exciting adventures. They will be cared for in boarding-style accommodation at Land's Edge, located at the picturesque Chowder Bay. Campers get to meet other children and make special connections with their Year 11 teenage student companions. The flexible camp program allows campers to participate in activities where people understand their needs.

Each child camper receives individual care 24 hours a day by MLC School students and partner school students. These Year 11 students, supported by MLC School's team of dedicated, experienced teaching and medical staff, will quickly learn about the challenges and demands involved in caring for a child with additional needs in a life-changing experience.

For more information

Please click here for the Sony Foundation Camp Information Handbook.


For any enquiries, please email sonyfoundation@mlcsyd.nsw.edu.au.

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Watch The Video

The video below shares the origins of how the camp came to be in 1999.