Gymnastics Programs

Our program caters for girls from ages 4 and up within our Combined, Artistic, Rhythmic and TeamGym programs. Classes range from entry-level through to National competitive levels in both Artistic and Rhythmic with options for all participants to progress their skills. MLC School students in Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2 can join the Pre-K to Year 2 Co-curricular Program with their relevant cohort.

Entry level classes are for those who have limited or no previous experience within the sport or have had a significant break from previous recreation gymnastics. All other class types for selective recreation or competitive squads will require an assessment.


Age: 4–7 years old
Discipline: Combined Artistic and Rhythmic
Class: Beginner Recreation
Age: 8–9 years old
Discipline: Artistic
Class: Intermediate Recreation Artistic 
Age: 8–9 years old
Discipline: Rhythmic
Class: Advanced Recreation Rhythmic 
Age: 10+ years
Discipline: Artistic
Class: Advanced Recreation Artistic
Age: 10+ years
Discipline: Rhythmic
Class: Junior Gym Rhythmic 
Age: 13+ years
Discipline: Artistic
Class: Senior Gym Artistic
Age: 13+ years
Discipline: Rhythmic
Class: Senior Gym Rhythmic 
Age: Various
Discipline: Artistic, Rhythmic and TeamGym
Classes: Various competitive and selective recreation classes (assessments required) 



Enquiries and Assessments

If you have any further questions regarding the classes on offer beyond entry level classes, please contact us using this form. If you have been recommended to book an assessment or your daughter has previous gymnastics experience please arrange an assessment here.

Formal grading takes place for participants in Beginner Recreation, Intermediate Recreation, Advanced Recreation Rhythmic and Advanced Recreation Artistic each term in Week 7 or Week 8. All students, including those classes that have formal grading, are assessed informally through participation in class.



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Gymnastics Enrolments

Enrolments into Entry Level Recreation classes can be commenced via the UDIO system for families wishing to secure a place. We take enrolments throughout the term with a pro-rata charge but bookings are term based with no cancellations or make ups available. An Annual Registration fee of $60 (recreation) or $102.50 (competitive) for registration and an annual maintenance levy of $55 apply to the first booking for each participant each calendar year. Enrolments and places are not finalised without a completed payment.


Costs for Entry Level Classes based on a 10 week term

Beginner Recreation (Ages 4-7, 1 hour)
Intermediate Recreation (Ages 8-9, 1 hour 45 minutes)
Advanced Recreation Artistic (Ages 10-12, 1 hour 45 minutes)
Advanced Recreation Rhythmic (Ages 8-9, 1. hour 45 minutes)
Senior Gym Artistic (Ages 12+, 2 hours)
Junior Gym Rhythmic (Ages 9-12, 3 hours)



Gymnastics bookings are by the term. Recreation term dates and Competitive term dates and payment intervals differ but all bookings are by the term or part thereof. Withdrawal periods are communicated each term providing opportunity to cease your enrolment prior to the following term.