FED Year 8B Team Wins Grand Final

On Friday 28 May 2021 our Year 8 Friday Evening Debating (FED) team travelled to St Aloysius’ College to compete in the grand final.

It was the second face-to-face debate for Angelina (Year 8), Aiesha (Year 8), Lara (Year 8), Angelina (Year 8) and Tasha (Year 8) since debating online since last April. The team was extremely excited to have made it to the grand final and were determined to do their best to win against Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College. They had the negative side in a debate on the topic, ‘That we should pay teachers based on the academic performance of their students’. The team put in a great performance and the three-person adjudication panel unanimously awarded the win to MLC School. Equally excited was their coach Eliza Crossley (2020) who managed to train the team to a grand final win in her first year as a coach.