Bronwyn Brown (Henry, 1964) OAM

MLC School is thrilled to announce that another of our Old Girls, Bronwyn Brown (Henry, 1964), was recognised in the Australia Day 2024 Honours with a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) “For service to the community through music.”

A student at MLC School for her high school years, Bronwyn was a Senior Prefect in her final year. She went on to complete a BSc at the University of Sydney and then commenced a distinguished career in teaching mathematics and music.


Bronwyn excelled in both fields; she was the Head of Mathematics and an Accompanist* at both Roseville College and St Aidan’s Anglican College, Brisbane, and at Canberra Girls Grammar School she was the Organ Teacher.


At Radford College, Canberra, where she has been a long serving staff member, Bronwyn is an Accompanist, the Director of Keyboard and is involved in Performing Arts Administration.


Bronwyn is also an Accompanist at several other Canberra schools, for their class music recitals and special services. She accompanies singers for Art Song concerts and is an accompanist for the annual String Festival and the National Singing Eisteddfod.


Outside of schools, Bronwyn also plays the organ for services at several Canberra churches. This involves not only accompanying the choir but also the special kind of accompaniment that is needed when leading congregational singing.


In an article in the Radford College publication ‘Bulletin’ (2024, T1, W1), Bronwyn was asked what she loved most about music. She replied “Music is always with me. Playing it has given me a life of interest and variety. It has the ability to calm, arouse, move and challenge. It has no borders.”


MLC School is immensely proud of Bronwyn; her award of an OAM is well-deserved. Her passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others reflects the spirit of excellence and service that we strive to nurture in our students.


The MLC School community extends our congratulations to Bronwyn Brown (Henry, 1964). Her achievements showcase the lasting impact of our students’ contributions to the wider community.



* Footnote

The role of an accompanist encompasses a myriad of responsibilities, from aiding individual vocalists and instrumentalists in their preparations for exams, eisteddfods, and recitals, to actively participating in their performances. Additionally, accompanists engage in regular rehearsals with choirs or musical societies, collaborating closely with conductors to refine musical interpretations.


Performances may range from commanding grand pianos in prestigious venues to intimate keyboard setups at public events. Accompanists encounter various challenges, including adapting to conductor styles, ensuring optimal sight lines and lighting, swiftly mastering new music, and offering support to apprehensive performers while rectifying music-reading mistakes.


The role is very diverse; each engagement presents unique experiences. Witnessing the performers they have supported deliver their finest renditions brings immense satisfaction to accompanists. Particularly exhilarating is accompanying large choral ensembles or participating in orchestral performances, where the magic of collective musical expression truly shines.


This multifaceted role embodies the essence of musical collaboration and elevates the artistry of performance.