Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is located on Rowley Street, next to the Potts Hall entrance.

Complete details about the uniform code, ordering, and second-hand uniforms are available in our Parent Information Handbook.  

Please note, the Uniform Shop is currently closed due to NSW Government restrictions.

School Term Opening Hours

 Mondays  8am–4pm
 Tuesdays    8am–4pm
 Fridays  8am–4pm

The Uniform Shop is located on Rowley Street, next to the Potts Hall entrance.

Due to ongoing social distancing restrictions, all girls requiring a fitting will need to book an appointment through our new online appointment system – https://midford.as.me/MLCSchool

Email: mlc@midford.com.au

Phone/Fax: 02 8741 3177

Our online store is available any time for your convenience. Orders will be picked and packed when the store is open.

Please note, selecting a full uniform can take time, so please email the Uniform Shop or call +61 2 8741 3177 to make an appointment.

School Holiday Opening Hours

  • January holidays – before the return to school
  • April holidays – for change of season/uniform
  • July holidays – before the return to school
  • October holidays – for change of season/uniform 

July Holiday Trading Hours

The MLC School Uniform Shop is closed in line with NSW Government restrictions.

An appointment is essential for a Winter fit out please use the below link to book an appointment. Girls in Year 6 to Year 9 who do not need a parent present may book an appointment during the school day.

Book an appointment


MLC School Online Ordering System   

Enjoy the convenience of online shopping 24 hours a day

Save time and energy by ordering your uniforms online:

  1. Visit https://schoolshop.midford.com.au/mlcsyd/
  2. New users to click the ‘Register New Account’ button
  3. Add the unique school pass phrase: MLC1886
  4. Add your personal information, create a username and password
  5. Order the items you need, select pick-up in store or option for home delivery   

Second-Hand Uniforms and Textbooks 

Sustainable School Shop

We are delighted to announce a partnership with the Sustainable School Shop that will enable families to buy and sell second-hand uniforms, textbooks and school items throughout the year. We are very mindful of the potential waste generated over the life of a student at school and we hope this system will help our community recycle uniform and other items and, ultimately, help to reduce our ecological footprint. There is no cost to families to access and use this service.

Sustainable School Shop is a national platform that assists schools and families with second-hand services that are customised to each school. Families will have the ability to:

  • Trade second-hand school uniforms, textbooks and other school items with ease 365 days per year
  • Access ongoing support and assistance directly with Sustainable School Shop
  • Connect directly with other families to buy and sell textbooks and uniforms
  • Access a complete and accurate guide of available second-hand uniform and textbooks

    To register with Sustainable School Shop, please follow the instructions below:
  • Visit sustainableschoolshop.com.au
  • Follow the prompts and register your details online
  • Type ‘MLC School...’ and select from the drop-down menu
  • Click Register to submit your details
  • An email will be sent to you with your unique login details
  • Start selling!

Please check current stock levels here

MLC School Pocket Embroidery 

If your daughter requires pockets sewn on to her blazer, please complete this form and hand it to the Uniform Shop by Friday at 1pm and the Blazer should be ready for collection after 1pm on Tuesday.