Before & After School Care

UnitingCare Children’s Services (UCCS) provides a planned program of play and leisure activities suited to MLC Junior School students.

Our program acknowledges the importance of middle childhood. We actively support children to become involved learners, leaders and decision makers. The service is guided by the My Time Our Place Framework for School Aged Care in Australia.

Experiences are designed to cater for differences in age, skill, interest and ability level which meet the requirements of the National Quality Standard.

Children engage with a range of planned and spontaneous activities including art, craft, games, sport and outdoor fun that provide opportunities to play, explore and create.



The service is located in the MLC Junior School art room.

Hours of Operation

Before School Care 7–9am
After School Care 3–6pm
Vacation Care 8am–6pm most school holidays

Interested in Attending the Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) Service?

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