Before & After School Care

UnitingCare Children’s Services (UCCS) provides a planned program of play and leisure activities suited to MLC Junior School students.

Our program acknowledges the importance of middle childhood. We actively support children to become involved learners, leaders and decision makers. The service is guided by the My Time Our Place Framework for School Aged Care in Australia.

Experiences are designed to cater for differences in age, skill, interest and ability level which meet the requirements of the National Quality Standard.

Children engage with a range of planned and spontaneous activities including art, craft, games, sport and outdoor fun that provide opportunities to play, explore and create.

About UnitingCare Children’s Services

UnitingCare Children’s Services is the third largest provider of children’s services in NSW, with more than 55 services in NSW and the ACT. We provide quality education and care services to over 6500 children and families each year.

Our purpose is to nurture resilient and confident children through inclusive and sustainable services, in partnership with families and community.

Our services are supported and managed by a large professional management team to ensure quality and accountability. We foster relationships and community connections that develop a sense of belonging for both children, families and the broader school community. Read more on our website.


The professional, caring and committed staff nurture children in an environment that supports positive attitudes, personal growth and respect for others. UCCS employs professionals who seek to enhance confident and creative learners. This is achieved through:

  • Effective recruitment strategies to attract the best people
  • A positive induction program and continuous learning program
  • Clear policies and procedures to ensure safety and wellbeing
  • Adherence to a Code of Conduct and professional Code of Ethics
  • Building strong service teams who work collaboratively


The service is located in the MLC Junior School art room.

Hours of Operation

Before School Care 7–9am
After School Care 3–6pm
Vacation Care 8am–6pm most school holidays

Interested in Attending the Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) Service?

Please contact the Service Coordinator if you are interested in enrolling your child and you will be provided with an enrolment package. Alternatively, please visit the UnitingCare Children’s Services website and complete the enrolment forms. Due to national regulations and laws all forms and documents must be received before a child can attend.


Permanent Booking A permanent booking is for a fixed pattern of attendance each week and is repeated throughout the term. Changes to permanent bookings require 2 weeks’ notice and can be made by completing the Change of Booking Form available from the Coordinator.
Casual Booking This occurs when a placement is booked on the day before care is required. Notification is needed by 5pm to ensure that the service can maintain the necessary staffing levels to ensure the children’s safety and care.
MLC School Club Rate This booking is for children attending co-curricular activities provided by MLC School. Please note that OSHC staff do not pick children up from activities. You will need to make arrangements with the activity provider to have your daughter returned to the OSHC service.

Signing In and Out

To ensure the children’s safety and meet regulatory requirements families will sign children in on arrival at Before School Care and out on collection from After School Care.

On arrival at After School Care staff will sign children into the program. Children arriving from co-curricular activities will be signed into the program by activity provider staff.


All children are provided with nutritional food for breakfast and afternoon tea each day.


Many families will meet criteria for the Child Care Rebate, where you can claim 50 per cent of your out-of-pocket expenses, up to a maximum amount (currently $7500 per child, per year). All fees below are ‘full fees’ without the 50 per cent rebate applied.

Eligibility for the 50 per cent rebate IS NOT income dependant however there is a ‘work, training, study’ requirement. This essentially means that both parents must be working, training or studying while your child is in care with UCCS, or alternatively you are exempt from this requirement.

In addition you may qualify for Child Care Benefit where part of your fees will be paid by the government. Eligibility requirements depend on your family’s situation.

Please contact the Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50 or for more information, please see:

Fee Schedule 2017

Please click here to download the full fee schedule and payment procedures and enrolement form.

Daily fee

Before School Permanent $16

Before School Casual $21

After School Permanent $30

After School Casual $36

Bond Permanent $100 flat fee

Casual Nil

Vacation Care booking within term $55
Vacation Care booking casual $60
Activities Fee $24
Administration Fee $25 per enrolment
Public Holidays Not Chargeable
Direct Debit Rejection Fee $7 per rejection
Fundraising Nil
Wait List Fee Nil
Backdated Application of CRN and CCR entitlement $50

Accounts are issued the week after care to the address nominated by you on your registration form. The preferred method of payment is Direct Debit.

Late Fees

If a child is collected after the service closes a late fee of $15 for the first 10 minutes and then $10 for every 10 minutes the child is not collected. Two staff members are required to remain with a child at all times and significant overtime rates apply.

If the parent(s) and/or their emergency contacts are not contactable within 30 minutes of closing the police will be notified to collect the child.

Child Care Benefit

The service is approved to offer Child Care Benefit. For further information and application forms please contact The Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50.

A Child Care Rebate is available to eligible families. More information is available at

For more information, please contact Adriana Damevski via email or phone 0409 301 665


To download the Uniting MLC School Outside School Hours 2018 enrolment form, please click here.

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