Camps are a vital part of life at MLC School. From the Year 2 Camp in Galston to the Year 11 Leadership Camp, girls are offered a multitude of opportunities to build friendships, expand their horizons and dare to be more.

In addition to camps involving whole year groups, a number of special interest camps are offered, including Rowing Camp and Music Camp.

Year 7 Outdoor Camp

The Year 7 Outdoor Camp is part of a highly valuable and compulsory Outdoor Education curriculum and offers opportunities for both leadership and physical challenges for our students. Activities can range from taking surfing lessons, canoeing, exploring rainforests and learning about Indigenous culture and history – they always have an incredible, action-packed schedule.

Each year the Year 7 girls return from the Camp full of excitement – they love the opportunity to camp, taking turns to stay in cabins for one night, and outside in tents for another night, and where they even cook their own meals outside.