Camps are a vital part of life at MLC School. From the Year 2 Camp in Galston to the Year 11 Leadership Camp, girls are offered a multitude of opportunities to build friendships, expand their horizons and dare to be more.

In addition to camps involving whole year groups, a number of special interest camps are offered, including Rowing Camp and Music Camp.

Year 7 Outdoor Camp

The Year 7 Outdoor Camp is part of a highly valuable and compulsory Outdoor Education curriculum and offers opportunities for both leadership and physical challenges for our girls. Activities can range from taking surfing lessons, canoeing, exploring rainforests and learning about Indigenous culture and history – they always have an incredible, action-packed schedule.

Each year the Year 7 girls return from the camp full of excitement – they love the opportunity to camp, taking turns to stay in cabins for one night, and outside in tents for another night, and even enjoy cooking their own meals outside.

Rowing Camp

The MLC School Rowing camp is held in January of every year and is an integral part of the school's rowing season in the lead up into the Term 1 regattas and Schoolgirl Head of River. Students row and train two to three times each day, both on the water and on land training. Rowing Camp is held off site, currently at Bathurst, and training is held on Ben Chifley Dam, which allows the rowing squad a unique opportunity to come together as a team across year groups, to continue the culture of performance, camaraderie and teamwork.

Students return from camp full of excitement for the rest of the season, having made lifelong friends, and are ready to train and challenge themselves in an environment of mutual support across a variety of year groups. 

Year 12 Leadership Conference

The Year 12 Leadership Conference, spanning across four days, is an opportunity for Year 11 to learn and reflect on how they will maintain a balance between school and their physical wellbeing, and how to lead with purpose in Year 12. 

Sessions include, 'Who am I?', the importance of sleep to maintain balance, resilience, ethical challenges and goal setting. The conference also includes a range of physical challenges in the surrounding national park, including bushwalking and canoeing.

The Leadership Conference culminates with the annual Prefect Induction Service.

*This information is very much dependent on the capacity of the School to run such programs in light of COVID restrictions and health guidelines, and are reflective of pre-COVID practices. It is our aim to return to the running of these as much as possible when it is safe to do so.