Nikita Simpson (2011)

In 2011 Nikita Simpson received the MLC School Prize for the highest university admissions rank. She recently completed her undergraduate degree in Social Anthropology at Cambridge University. Nikita’s particular area of interest is in advocating for women’s rights across the globe. She has worked in Kathmandu, Nepal and Himachal Pradesh, in India.

An aspiring anthropologist, Nikita has begun a PhD on Gender Empowerment Policy in India at the London School of Economics, Focusing on women’s rights and the law in contemporary India and the dissonance between the government’s rhetoric and the reality when it comes to India’s female poor. India accounts for a quarter of the world’s maternal deaths and is home to one third of the world’s poor. She has interviewed public health experts, district attorneys, judges, superintendents of police and district commissioners and will explore why, while they speak of the empowerment of women as a top priority, they lack the will to make a difference on the ground.

Nikita also currently works at the SHM Foundation (a London-based charity that works globally to bring about positive social change through projects in the areas of learning and citizenship, health and the arts) on their Mental Health program, and is an editor of Kings Review.

Nikita spoke at the 2015 MLC School Prefects’ Awards Ceremony to welcome the 2015 Prefects to their roles as leaders in the school. ‘Foster leadership as a practice of constant self-reflection and humility,’ she told the girls. ‘Think wildly beyond your comfort zone, with compassion and courage… walk in the light of others and allow others to walk in your light’.