By Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia

In line with International Women’s Day on Tuesday 8 March 2022, The Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia (AGSA) has released #theGirlsSchoolEdge video to show some of the many benefits to girls when they attend an all-girls school.

Also part of #TheGirlsSchoolEdge campaign is the Educating Girls Podcast, produced by the Alliance. The podcast features interviews with local and international educational leaders and experts in their field. You can listen to it here.

The ability for MLC School girls to be themselves, regardless of how silly or difficult that might be at times, to learn in an environment where being female and celebrating all that entails is the norm in the story of MLC School and one that we share with girls’ schools around the globe. In addition to the AGSA campaign, please read our recent article on the benefits of single sex schools for girls.