MLC School Old Girl,
Nina Dillon Britton (2015),wins the 2020 University Medal and Michael Jackson Prize


Congratulations to Nina Dillon Britton (2015) on winning the University of Sydney 2020 University Medal and Michael Jackson Prize for achieving the highest mark in Government honours.

In true MLC School spirit, Nina described how she used the prize money: 'I spent some of it on a much-needed new pair of shoes and donated the rest to the Refugee Advice and Casework Service, which provides emergency legal advice to refugees and asylum seekers.'
Nina’s innate passion for social justice and equality was evident in her prize-winning honours thesis, Throwing away the umbrella: A quantitative analysis of the effects of Shelby County v Holder. Her thesis examined the way that restrictive and racially discriminatory voting practices in the USA had increased since 2013 when the US Supreme Court decided to invalidate the 'preclearance' policy under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. (The preclearance process was designed to reduce discrimination, increase voter turnout, and to ensure each citizen had equal power to elect his or her preferred representative.)
Aside from Nina’s exceptional academic achievements, she is currently the editor of the University of Sydney’s student magazine Honi Soit and last year she was the Editor in Chief of the Sydney University Law Society’s Dissent Journal.
Nina’s coverage of anti-sexual assault protests in Honi Soit was featured in the New York Times, and Junkee
The full article celebrating Nina's outstanding success can be read here.

Photo: Nina Dillon Britton (2015), winner of the 2020 University Medal and Michael Jackson Prize.
Photo courtesy of the University of Sydney.