MLC School 2019 Senior School Production Blows Audiences Away

From 12 to 15 June 2019, 40 MLC School girls from Year 10 to Year 12, in collaboration with boys from Newington College and Trinity Grammar, came together to captivate their audiences in Michael Gow’s play, Away.

Away, captures a snapshot of Australian family life during the 1960s and the ritual of going away during the summer festive season. But as well as packing their swimmers, kaftans and New Year’s Eve ball gowns, the characters in this play are each weighed down by other baggage in their lives.

In keeping with MLC School tradition, a large ensemble cast of 15 fairies breathed new life into the play with a highly comic rendition of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights’ Dream in the opening ‘school play’ within the play. From here we travelled to the glitz and glamour of Gold Coast hotel luxury, and to the simpler pleasures of a quintessentially Australian beachside campsite.

The Technical Crew, consisting of Year 11 VET Entertainment students, also played a huge part in the success of Away. The crew constructed the entire set out of vintage suitcases, an extended metaphor for the emotional ‘baggage’ that each family carries with them in this play. They adopted a range of production roles including lighting, audio and staging operations, as well organising costumes and props to bring this play to life. The quality and skill with which all the crew worked, brought a standard to this production that is on equal standing with many professional theatre companies.

The success of Away is also attributed to the dedicated MLC School Dance, Drama and Entertainment Department – Ms Lisa Jinga, Head of Department and Co-Director of Away, Ms Lisa Jinga, Mr Julian Kennard Co-Director of Away, Ms Jenna SkepperMs Bojana KvrgicMs Samantha Abrahim and Ms Liane Simpson.

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28 June 2019