Maintaining Learning during Lockdown

MLC School has maintained consistent delivery of online learning for all students from Kindergarten to Year 12 during Sydney’s lockdown.

Pre-Kindergarten students have been able to be onsite and their programs have proceeded without interruption. Throughout the weeks of lockdown, the School and staff have evolved, refined and improved options for our girls at all age groups.

From the start of Term 3, when it was clear that girls would not return to face to face teaching, students in Year 6 to Year 12 commenced working on a full timetable of teacher-led learning for the entire term. This means that teachers were on screen every lesson, moderating discussions and engaging with students. For our girls in the Junior School, we took a phased approach to the introduction of a full suite of all-day teacher-led, on screen learning as we were mindful of their need to adjust, but this is all working extremely well now. In both instances, through surveys or webinars, parent feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. According to one student, who reflects many comments, 'This class is always engaging and I know the teacher always puts in extra effort to make sure we are engaged and interested and learning well online'.

At the mid-way mark in the term, the School took comments made by the students in the Senior School and modified the timetable to allow more time off screen. Part of this involved the introduction of physical and wellbeing activities to start the day, such as yoga, dance and Taiko drumming. Music staff have taken a big technological leap and are trialling online co-curricular ensembles practice, bringing great joy to students and staff alike. As one parent commented in a recent webinar, the School’s response to the girls’ suggestions shows that they are truly acting as ‘agents of change’, one of our core tenets.

Year 12 Trial examinations as well as Year 11 examinations were held online as it is important for as much of the usual rhythm of school life to continue where possible. Sitting for exams (online or face to face) is a challenge that MLC School believes prepares our Senior girls for their final exams and enables staff to take stock of how the cohort is tracking.

No matter the situation MLC School will continue to provide its students top education. Come join us at our next online tour on Thursday 4 November 2021. Bookings are essential, register here.