Celebrating Our Teachers

In recognition of all of our wonderful MLC School teachers, we throwback to our teachers of the past and share with you some of the appreciative comments we have received from our Old Girls in tribute to their passionate and kind teachers. For these Old Girl, the connection with their inspiring teachers didn’t end when they finished school – it has clearly lasted a lifetime.

Jennifer Matheson (Dare, 1952): 'Miss Sutherland, an MLC School Old Girl (Class of 1932), was a wonderful Geography teacher. She took our imaginations on a journey as we studied various cities around the world – it was very interesting and engaging. I got an ‘A’ in Geography in the Leaving Certificate which was a tribute to her teaching.' 

Jocelyn Maughan, OAM (1955): 'Miss Morris taught me Geography in the early 1950s and taught my mother, Kylie Maughan (Morgan, 1923) Mathematics at MLC School in the early 1920s. In each case, she showed us the logical relations between the components of her subject. She taught us to think logically and comparatively; a skill that lasted all our lives.'

Gwllynes Axe (Morris, 1960): 'I have often reflected on how passionate Miss Fitzpatrick was about teaching and how her poetry reading held the attention of all the students in her class. I also loved Miss Baumer. She had endless patience and she certainly encouraged my love of music (playing the piano and singing) and she was also extremely kind and compassionate.'

Dr Carole Hungerford
(Bavinton, 1962): 'Miss Stark was a Senior English teacher who changed our lives – not just mine, but also the lives of many other students. Miss Stark believed in me and I was always left, then as now, with the feeling of having been listened to and heard. This continued after I finished school. She always responded to my letters and encouraged me in my ambition to pursue Medicine as a career. After completing a BA I went on do Medicine at university and became a doctor, which has remained one of my greatest passions in life. I will always remember Miss Stark as the teacher who helped change my life.'

Elissa Buttsworth (1962): 'My MLC School Senior English teacher, and my class teacher during my Leaving Certificate year, was Miss Stark. I still appreciated Miss Stark’s role in my life. She was influential in a quiet and understanding way. She provided me with opportunities to develop that otherwise weren’t available to me. I particularly remember how if she believed she was right she would stand her ground, and this left a lasting impression on me. I look back on Miss Stark often; ever grateful for her caring support.' 

Helen Psarakis (Samios, 1971): 'I fondly remember Mrs Wayne, the Geography teacher who inspired me and engaged the whole class. What I clearly remember was her enthusiasm at presenting the topics we studied and her understanding of all the subject content. My admiration of Mrs Wayne led me to study Geography at the University of Sydney and then to teach for a period of time. Teachers such as Mrs Wayne inspire students with their enthusiasm and understanding of what they are teaching. Over fifty years have passed and I still clearly remember her and her passion for teaching.'

Emily Cribb (2009) and current MLC School Visual Arts teacher: 'I had many inspiring teachers while a student at MLC School. In particular, Craig Malyon (former Head of Visual Arts) was a very passionate and incredibly knowledgeable teacher.' 

Monica Lee (2011) and current MLC School Mathematics teacher: 'Mrs Green was my Mathematics teacher in Years 11 and 12. She had such a passion for the subject and her students that it inspired me to one day do the same. It was an amazing experience to return to MLC School as her colleague and have the chance to work alongside her. Returning as a teacher and being able to go ‘behind the scenes’ has really allowed me to see the hard work all the teachers at this School do for their students, and has inspired me even further.'