Student Wellbeing

Pastoral care and wellbeing initiatives take place throughout MLC School. While lighting the path for our students is a role we all share, there are times when girls and families benefit from the assistance of our highly qualified and experienced counselling team.

Counselling team

Ms Marion Delprado Counsellor
Ms Susan Rountree Educational Psychologist
Ms Cara Milwidsky Junior School Counsellor

Pastoral Care team

Positive academic outcomes depend on emotional strength. Pastoral care at MLC School is designed to help girls navigate and grow wiser from the bumps in the journey. Each year group has a Head of Year – someone who knows and understands each and every girl. The Head of Year is the person to go to when working through all academic and social concerns, which are often intertwined.

Mr Neil Scotney Head of Senior School             
Mrs Irene Swain Head of Year 12             
Mrs Angela Renwick Head of Year 11            
Dr Felicity Berry Head of Year 10         
Ms Penny Hewett Head of Year 9             
Ms Fiona Pow Head of Year 8            
Ms Carmel Cordaro Head of Year 7