Aquatic Centre Programs

The MLC School Aquatic Centre is open to all current Swim School users and COVID-safe protocols are in place.

For more information and booking enquiries please contact the MLC School Aquatic Centre by emailing or calling + 61 2 8741 3154.

Learn to Swim and Squads Program

Our program caters for students of all ages, with a comprehensive level program designed for students from six months of age, with introductory water familiarisation levels all the way through to advanced squad programs. We also offer Adult Learn to Swim classes.

MLC School Aquatic Centre – Learn to Swim

MLC School Aquatic Centre – Squad Timetable


For all new children two and a half years or older, an assessment must be conducted to correctly identify their appropriate swimming level. Assessments need to be booked either via our online portal with an account or booking in over the phone on 8741 3154. Simply bring your child with their swimmers for their allocated booking time and let the Aquatic Centre staff know that you are here for your scheduled assessment.

Assessments for current students are ongoing, with each level being assessed every eight weeks. If you are unsure about a student’s progress, please speak to the Instructors in Charge (ICs). Once a swimming student has been assessed and passed, they are able to progress to the next level in the program.

Important: If there has been a lapse of enrolment for longer than three months a student needs to be swim reassessed before re-enrolment.

Terms and Conditions, Policies and FAQs 

MLC School Aquatic Centre – Learn to Swim Terms and Conditions 

MLC School Aquatic Centre – FAQs 

UDIO Customer Portal

All current customers should login to the UDIO Customer Portal for class information, including time, level and lane location. Once logged in, customers can change the lesson day and time, enrol in a new class and access billing account information.

How-to videos and a FAQ page will display on the home page to help guide customers through UDIO.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to the Aquatic Centre customer service team on 8741 3154 or email


If you are new to the program and are looking to enrol, please sign up through the following link. Follow the instructions to sign up and create profiles for those who want to enrol. Once completed, book into an ‘Assessment’. This will allow you to arrive at the aquatic centre for a member of staff to test new students to place them in levels appropriate to their ability. If you have any issues signing up or would like further assistance, please call the Aquatic Centre on 8741 3154 or via email.


To cancel out of the learn to swim program, complete the form below at least two days prior to the start of a new month. This allows management to cancel your booking before the direct debit runs for the month following. If this is left later, you run the risk of being charged for the following month.

Cancellation Request Form


Facility Booking Form

Please complete the below Facility Booking Form if you are interested in hiring any part of the aquatic facility. Once completed, a staff member will be in contact to discuss the next steps.

Facility Booking Form


Swim Programs

The MLC School Aquatic Centre offers Learn to Swim programs for all levels and ages; for children from as young as six months through to adult classes.

Water Familiarisation

Aquababies and Turtles programs aim to build confidence and comfort in the water while developing basic swimming skills.


  • Class duration: 30 minutes
  • Your child will develop water confidence as they are introduced to swimming in a group lesson
  • Basic swimming skills will be practiced, including floating, paddling and balancing in the water
  • An Aquababies class allows your child to become familiar with our instructors and prepares them to take classes independently with us from the age of 2


  • Class duration: 30 minutes
  • In this level, your child will be introduced to a small group class and become comfortable swimming with their instructor
  • This class aims to build your child’s confidence and comfort in the water and further develop basic swimming skills, including floating, kicking and paddling independently with a back float
  • Children will progress from this level once independent swimming with the assistance of a back bubble is shown, with basic paddles, kicks and face in the water

Early Development

Jellyfish, Starfish and Octopus programs continue to work on water confidence, teaching basic water safety and lifesaving skills. Children learn to swim independently and begin to develop basic swimming strokes.


  • Class duration: 30 minutes
  • Swimmers in this level will continue to build their confidence in the water with a strong emphasis on water and pool safety
  • Jellyfish students will further develop their skills in floating, kicking, paddling and general water familiarisation
  • Children will progress from this level when they can swim competently without aids or assistance confidently for a required distance


  • Class duration: 30 minutes
  • All swimmers in this level must swim unassisted without flotation aids
  • Starfish classes aim to help your child develop confidence with independent swimming and focus on developing general swimming strength in order to take breaths and complete short laps comfortably
  • A focus is put on developing a strong kick in this level, in order to form the basis for future stroke development
  • Basic stroke technique is introduced in this level, including torpedoes, back floats, back kicking and 'big arms'
  • Children will progress from starfish once a student can demonstrate strong paddles and kicks independently from one side of the lane to the other, with breathes being taken unassisted, a strong torpedo kick is shown as well as the demonstration of a strong back float, recover and swim to the platform


  • Class duration: 30 minutes
  • In this level, your child will master a strong torpedo, freestyle “big arms” and a strong back kick in order to move up from octopus.
  • Children will be taught to swim independently with straight freestyle arms and breathing. The breathing does not necessarily have to be bilateral at this stage of the progression, with breathing to the front being acceptable
  • Children must develop a strong kick on their back and demonstrate this independently for numerous laps of the set lane
  • Strength, body position and consistency of skills are all focused on, setting up students for an easier progression of skills in future levels

Stroke Development

Seahorse, Seals and Dolphins focus on learning correct stroke technique whilst building a student's endurance and stamina.


  • Class duration: 30 minutes
  • The main focus in this level is the mastering of freestyle with bilateral breathing and developing strong backstroke
  • Tempo, strength, technique body position and stamina are all factors included with the development of such skills
  • These are crucial for the student as future levels require further distances covered


  • Class duration: 30 minutes
  • Seals classes are conducted in a 12m lane
  • A large focus in this level is to develop your child’s endurance whilst maintaining correct stroke technique for freestyle and backstroke
  • Breaststroke kick is introduced as a new skill in this level and will be practiced and performed with a kickboard, demonstrating the basic understanding of the skill. The perfection of the kick will be focused on in future levels. 


  • Class duration: 30 minutes
  • A higher level of stroke mastery in freestyle and backstroke is expected of students in this level, and technique and endurance are both important for swimmers
  • Breaststroke kick is taught and perfected in this level. Correct technique must be mastered before progression to the next level
  • Sculling arms are introduced in order to prepare for full breaststroke taught in future levels
  • Butterfly kick is taught as an additional new skill and students will develop a basic concept of this

Early Squad

Marlins, Sharks and Novice Squad provide further opportunity for stroke improvement and student performance. Various squad group levels ensure that a student is matched in the correct group.


  • Class duration: 1 hour
  • This level is the first of out of water teaching with squad coaches correcting and monitoring students
  • Freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke are practiced with critical stroke correction from instructors
  • Again, greater stamina is expected of swimmers before passing from the Marlins level, to ensure they are prepared for our squad programs
  • Butterfly is taught as the new skill in this level and it is expected that swimmers will achieve correct technique and timing of this stroke before progression further levels
  • A thorough understanding and mastery of all four strokes is required of swimmers before progression to the next level


  • Class duration: 1 hour
  • Out of water teaching with squad coaches
  • Swimmers in this class are pushed to build the strength and endurance required of squad swimmers in all four strokes
  • Coaches apply intensive stroke correction, helping your child to master a higher level of technique
  • Swimmers are taught correct starts and turns, and skills such as reading a pace clock are also taught in preparation for joining more advanced squad levels

Novice Squad

  • Class duration: 1 hour – 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Students will be selected by our coaches to join this squad
  • Swimmers are required to swim a minimum of 2 sessions per week
  • Novice squad sessions incorporate intensive stroke correction, starts, turns and finishes

Competitive Squad Programs

Metro Development

  • Class duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Students will be selected by our coaches to join this entry-level competitive squad
  • Swimmers are required to swim a minimum of 3 sessions per week and must become a member of the MLC Marlins swimming club
  • Metro Development sessions incorporate intensive stroke correction, starts, turns and finishes training. Metro Development is a great introduction for swimmers into competition racing and aerobic training.

State Squad

  • Class duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Students will be selected by our coaches to join this level of competitive squad
  • In this squad, swimmers are required to swim a minimum of 3 sessions per week and must become a member of MLC Marlins swimming club
  • State squad is a more advanced competitive squad that focuses on major competitions throughout the year
  • This squad incorporates stroke correction, training volume and competitive racing

Performance Squad

  • Class duration: 2 hours
  • Students will be selected by our coaches to join this level of competitive squad
  • In this squad, swimmers are required to swim a minimum of 4 sessions per week and must become a member of MLC Marlins Swimming Club
  • Performance squad is the most advanced competitive squad in the program, which focuses majorly on qualifying for Nationals

Fitness Squad Programs

All Stars Squad

  • Class duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • This squad focuses on the fitness aspect of swimming
  • Coaches cover all strokes in an aim to improve both fitness and technique 
  • Competitive swimming is optional with coaches providing swim sets designed for all abilities

Masters Squad

  • Class duration: 1 hour
  • This squad focuses on volume swimming as well as stroke correction
  • This squad has a wide range of abilities and swimming goals, focusing on stroke technique as well as fitness

Senior Beginner

Senior Bs, Adult Beginners and Adult Intermediate are classes designed for older children (aged 10–17 years) and adults wanting to learn how to swim and/or master a stroke.

Senior Bs

  • Class duration: 30 minutes
  • Senior Bs is a learn-to-swim class suited for beginners aged 10-17
  • This level caters to the diverse needs of all beginners and teaches both water confidence and stroke development

Adult Beginners

  • Class duration: 30 minutes
  • A beginner class for adults with little or no swimming experience that aims to develop water confidence and basic swimming skills

Adult Intermediate

  • Class duration: 30 minutes
  • An adult’s class for swimmers who have mastered basic skills and are ready to begin stroke development
  • Swimmers must be able to strongly swim 15 metres unaided and confidently

Other Aquatic Programs

The MLC School Aquatic Centre offers MLC School students and the wider community a range of Learn to Swim and fitness programs.


Schools Swim Program (External)

MLC School Aquatic Centre provides swim programs for external schools. A breakdown of what is provided when using the facility includes:

  • 40-minute swimming lesson
  • 10 consecutive days or once a week
  • Small group ratio for enhanced learning
  • Swimming caps
  • Safety lesson
  • Certificate for completing the MLC School Swimming Intensive
  • AUSTSWIM qualified instructors

For more information and availability, please contact MLC School Aquatic Centre by emailing

MLC School Marlins Club

All MLC School students and squad swimmers are invited to join the MLC School Marlins Swimming Team. This team is affiliated with NSW Swimming to compete in external competitions. The club provides full support to all levels of competitive swimming. For more information, please visit MLC School's Marlins website.