The Old Girls' Union

All former students of MLC School are very welcome at Old Girls' Union events and meetings.

There is no fee to join the OGU, and it is a wonderful way to keep in touch with friends and make a contribution to the school, particularly if you have other family connections. The OGU is an active participant in the life of MLC School, and makes many contributions beyond the holding of reunions. We are currently working with the school on a project to rejuvenate parts of the Chapel, and to help establish an Old Girls' Museum at the school.

This year we published our second edition of Collegiate magazine, which is totally dedicated to our Old Girls. This magazine is a revival of a MLC School tradition, which was first published in 1995, and since 2000 was incorporated into our biannual magazine, Lucis.

All members of the OGU receive a copy of the Lucis magazine twice a year and, in addition to reunions, are welcomed to a number of school events during the year. Our aim is to foster and maintain a close relationship between Old Girls and the school. We have many ideas and we would welcome yours! 

The OGU Committee members are:

President Sue Cartwright (Packham, 1981)
Vice President Helena Grahame (1959)
Secretary Joanne Brady (Foster, 1989)
Treasurer Ingrid Zhang (2001)

To join and be a part of the OGU, please contact


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