Reunions are a wonderful way to keep up your connection with old friends, reminisce and catch up.

The school hosts reunions at intervals of 10 years after graduation, as well as the Sapphires' Luncheon for those who left the school 55 or more years ago. We are also happy to assist you to re-connect with old friends from school if you have lost touch. Please email if we can be of assistance.

2019 School Reunions

Invitations are sent closer to the date.

If you would like to receive the slideshows put together by the school for each reunion, please click on the links below or email

Cohort/Event Reunion Date Time Photo Albums Slideshows

Back to College
For all Old Girls of MLC School

Friday 3 May 2019   Facebook Album Presentation
Class of 1969
50 Year Reunion
Saturday 15 June 2019   Facebook Album  Presentation
Class of 2014
5 Year Reunion
Saturday 15 June 2019      Presentation
Class of 1979
40 Year Reunion
Saturday 27 July 2019   Facebook Album  Presentation

Class of 1999
20 Year Reunion

Saturday 27 July 2019   Facebook Album  Presentation
Class of 1989
30 Year Reunion
Saturday 17 August 2019  


Facebook Album


Class of 2009
10 Year Reunion

Saturday 17 August 2019   Facebook Album  Presentation
Sapphires' Luncheon Tuesday 15 October 2019    Facebook Album Presentation

For Enquiries

Please contact Events Co-ordinator Jillian Avramis on 02 8741 3180 or

30 year reunion 2018

Is Your Reunion Coming Up?

The Marketing and Community Relations (MCR) team at MLC School sets the date for Reunions in September of the previous year. If you have a particular time in mind, please let us know by email on by September.

The MCR team runs all the logistics for every Reunion, but relies on the help of a small committee to assist with spreading the word and reaching out to lost contacts.

Reunion Galleries

Here you will find some selected images from each of the most recent Reunions.

We welcome all Old Girls to Back to College Day in May each year.

Sapphires Luncheon 2019

Reunion of Class of 2014

Reunion of Class of 2009

Reunion of Class of 1999

Reunion of Class of 1989

Reunion of Class of 1979

Reunion of Class of 1969

Reunion of Class of 2008

Reunion of Class of 1998

Reunion of Class of 1988

Reunion of Class of 1978

Reunion of Class of 1968

Back to College 2018

Reunion of Class of 1967

Reunion of Class of 1977

Reunion of Class of 1987

Reunion of Class of 1997



Reunion of Class of 2007

Reunion of Class of 1956

Reunion of Class of 1976


Reunion of Class of 1986

Reunion of Class of 1996

Reunion of Class of 2006

Reunion of Class of 1955

Reunion of Class of 1965

Reunion of Class of 1975

Reunion of Class of 1985

Reunion of Class of 1995

Reunion of Class of 2005

Sapphires 2019 banner

The Sapphires

A sapphire is a precious gem, highly regarded for its brilliance, stability and strength.

MLC School values the contribution of its Old Girls who left in 1968 or earlier, calling them the MLC School Sapphires, a name which also links them to the school's blue colour.

Sapphires' Luncheon

The Sapphires' Luncheon is an annual event hosted by the school and the Old Girls' Union, to celebrate the contribution made by these very special former MLC School students. Many former students have not visited the school for many years. It is delightful to see so many dear friends reunited at this very special event, which is considered one of the highlights of the school year for staff, students and Old Girls alike.

If you would like to attend and are experiencing any difficulties with transport or other arrangements, please get in touch with us. Update your details online to ensure that you receive your invitation. For more information or to register your interest in this event, please contact Jillian Avramis at MLC School on (02) 8741 3180 or