Associate Professor Hsu-Ming Teo (1987)

After her HSC at MLC School in 1987, Hsu-Ming’s Honours Class 1 BA won her the Sydney University Medal in 1994. Within four years she had completed her PhD (1998) at the Department of History, University of Sydney.

Hsu-Ming is currently an Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer and Head of Modern History at Macquarie University. She is a cultural historian and novelist who works in the area of 20th-century European history, British imperial culture, Orientalism, travel and tourism, and popular literature.

She is the author of Desert Passions: Orientalism and Romance Novels (2012) and co-editor of Cultural History in Australia (2003).

In 1999 Hsu-Ming won The Australian/Vogel Literary Award for her first novel, Love and Vertigo, which was also short-listed for the inaugural Tasmania Pacific Region Literary Prize and the Dobbie Award for women’s fiction. It has been translated into German, Italian, Chinese and Thai.

Her second novel, Behind the Moon, was published in 2005 and short-listed for one of the 2006 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards.

Hsu-Ming is an editorial board member of the Journal of Australian Studies, the Australasian Journal of Popular Culture, the Journal of Popular Romance Studies, and area chair of history for the Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand (PopCAANZ). She was a member of the NSW Premier’s Literature and History committee in 2004 and was one of the judges of the 2007 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards. She has been on the advisory council of the Man Asian Literary Prize since 2007 and judged the 2010 Man Asian Literary Prize.