Eminent Alumnae

In 2021 MLC School celebrated 135 years of exceptional girls’ education. During this year we commenced this Eminent Alumnae project to bring the stories of our inspiring Old Girls out of the archives and into the world for the entire MLC School community to celebrate. These Old Girls showed audacity and tenacity as they fought for recognition in their professions. Beyond their professions they also passionately promoted equality for women in the workplace. The victories they earned for women who came after them prove them to be true ‘daughters of the light’.

This is an open ended project. If there are Old Girl successes that we are not aware of, or if there are edits to be made to current stories, we wholeheartedly seek your input. Please contact our Archivist, Barbara Hoffman, at bhoffman@mlcsyd.nsw.edu.au with anything you would like to add.

We have arranged these stories by Old Girl cohort year, starting with the most recent and going back all the way to the first few years of the School’s life. You are able to search by profession by using the ‘View by Profession’ list on the right.

2003_Taniel Gofers_Exit Photo_400x400

Taniele Gofers (2003)

Taniele Gofers (2003) was a member of the Australian Water Polo team who won Bronze at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. S ...

2001_Elizabeth Kell_400x400-

Elizabeth (Liz) Kell (2001)

Multi-award winning rower, Elizabeth (Liz) Kell (2001) represented Australia in Rowing at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games ...

1999_Andrea Lam_Exit Photo_400x400 copy

Andrea Lam (1999)

Andrea Lam (1999) is an internationally renowned and multi award-winning pianist who the Wall Street Journal has called ...

Vanessa Baker in MLC School pool_400x400

Vanessa Baker (1992)

Olympian Vanessa Baker (1992) represented Australia in the 10 metre platform diving event at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Ga ...