Scholarship Information

MLC School offers a range of scholarships, including scholarships for new students, continuing students, all rounders, music students, Aboriginal students and daughters of Old Girls. Some of our scholarships are means tested.

For all scholarships at Year 7 level and above, candidates must sit an entrance examination held at the school. Shortlisted candidates are later invited to a Scholarships Activity Day to take part in a variety of activities with other shortlisted candidates and attend an interview. The entrance examination is held early in Term 1 with the Scholarship Activity Day held later in the term. Scholarship offers are made to successful candidates by the end of Term 1.

To be considered for the Gawalgalyung Junior School Scholarship, no testing is required. Candidates are invited to spend the morning in the Junior School and there will also be an interview for parents.

MLC School Scholarships for 2018 have closed.

Year 7 to Year 11 2019 scholarships will open in October 2017

Scholarship Types

MLC School Scholarships

Awarded to applicants who demonstrate significant achievement, and potential, in two or more of the following areas:

  • Academic ability
  • Leadership
  • Cultural/creative/performing arts
  • Service
  • Sport

Music Scholarships

Awarded to applicants who achieve excellent results on the entrance examination and are exceptional musicians on their chosen instrument. Successful Music Scholarship applicants are required to participate in the full music program offered by MLC School for the duration of their time at the school. This commitment requires full participation in the elective music program from Year 9 to Year 12. This is an integrated course of individual performance, ensemble performance, study of musicology, aural development and composition. Successful Music Scholarship applicants will also be required to participate in the core music ensembles and the required music performances throughout the year.

Edna Curtis (daughter of an Old Girl) Scholarships

Awarded to the applicant who achieves excellent results on the entrance examination and successfully meets the 'all rounder' criteria but is also the daughter of a former student of the school. The half scholarship is awarded by the Old Girls' Union.

Gawalgalyung Junior School Scholarships

MLC School is currently accepting applications for the Gawalgalyung Scholarship program. The Gawalgalyung Scholarship is designed to enrol Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls whose financial circumstances would exclude them from attending MLC School on a full fee paying basis.

MLC School has had a long relationship with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. In 1942 the House System was adopted at MLC School. The names chosen for the Houses were Aboriginal words; Mooramoora, Leawarra, Churunga and Booralee. The announcement in the school’s magazine ‘Excelsior’ recognised the traditional owners of Australia.

'It is the Aboriginal people who have given us the names for our Houses, so that the tradition which we begin this year has its roots in Australia’s most distant past. They are lovely names, both in sound and meaning given to us by the people whose land Australia really is.' –Excelsior, December 1942

To qualify for the Gawalgalyung Scholarship, applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

  • The applicant must be an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person
  • Demonstrate an enthusiasm and commitment to an MLC School education
  • Parental/family/guardian support
  • Agree to the MLC School Conditions of Enrolment

For more information about scholarships, email


Scholarship FAQs

When is the scholarship test?

A day for 2018 Scholarship testing will be set at a later date.

What time does the scholarship testing day commence and conclude?

Students sitting the examination are asked to arrive at the MLC School main entrance on Rowley Street no later than 8.15am. Testing will commence at 9am and conclude at 12pm.

What do I need to provide in support of my daughter’s application?

Once you have registered with ACER, MLC School will be in contact with you to request further information in relation to your daughter’s application.

How much does it cost to register for the scholarship program at MLC School?


Can we visit the school prior to the scholarship test?

Yes, we have Senior School tours scheduled throughout the year. Click here to register for a tour.

What is the scholarship test structure?

The tests involved in the ACER scholarship test include:

  • Test 1: Written expression (extended response)
  • Test 2: Humanities (multiple choice)
  • Test 3: Mathematics (multiple choice)
  • Test 4: Written expression (extended response)

For more information on these tests or to purchase practise materials please visit the ACER website.

What does my daughter need to bring with her on the scholarship testing day?

Students are asked to bring two HB or B pencils, a pencil eraser and two blue or black pens. No rulers, mathematical instruments of any kind, books or papers are required. All materials needed, other than pencils, erasers and pens are provided in the testing room. Refreshments will be provided. While students are not permitted to take mobile phones into the testing rooms, provisions will be made for phones to be stored during the testing period. Smart watches should be left at home.

What should my daughter wear to the scholarship test?

Neat, casual and comfortable clothes.

What will my daughter have to prepare for her music audition?

Students will need to prepare and play two contrasting pieces or one piece on each instrument if playing two instruments. If you wish for your daughter to perform with an accompanist you will need to provide your own. Students will also need to sing the first verse of Advance Australia Fair unaccompanied starting on an E or a G, undertake aural testing for pitch and rhythm and participate in an informal question and answer session. Practice rooms will be available on the date of the auditions. Audition times and location will be emailed to applicants after the scholarship closing date.

What happens after the testing?

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a Scholarships Activity Day to take part in a variety of activities with other shortlisted candidates and attend an interview. Parents of shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend a tour of the school during this time.

How do I receive my daughter’s results?

On the day the results are available you will receive an email from ACER to your nominated email address with details on how to access the results report. The results will be available from an ACER website which will be specified in the email.

If you have any login issues, please email ACER, including your child’s name, school applied for and current year level.

Please note: neither MLC School or ACER will provide student results over the phone or via email.

It is expected that successful applicants will continue their education at the school until the end of Year 12. If a recipient withdraws from the Scholarship program:

  • For the purpose of joining another independent school or selective school which is located within 30 kilometres of MLC School; or
  • For the purposes of receiving either a scholarship or a bursary at any other educational or musical institution in Australia or overseas,

Then any fees that have been offset against the annual tuition fees by MLC School will need to be immediately reimbursed in full.